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25 Year Review: Gifted Children – Youth Mental Health

Originally published 25 years ago, this article by Dr. Julia Osborn is still relevant in many ways today. The article covers the special needs of gifted children, giftedness and self-esteem, and recommendations for identification…

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Special Education Process: IEP vs. 504 Plan

This article provides information on both the IEP and 504 plans, as well as who qualifies for each of them. Author: Bennett, A. & Frank, L. Publisher: 2e Newsletter Year: January/February 2009 Do you suspect that your…

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Helping Your Gifted Child Adjust to Middle School

This article outlines tips for parents of gifted students regarding the transition from elementary school into middle school. Author: Pierson Yecke, C. Publications: Digest of Gifted Research Publisher: Duke University Talent Identification Program Volume: Vol. 7, No. 3…

Gifted Research

The intellectual and psychosocial nature of extreme giftedness

This article by Philip Powell and Tony Haden compares the differences of average, moderately and extremely gifted individuals. The authors explore the psychological difficulties of the highly gifted, especially in terms of self-esteem and…

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Existential depression in gifted individuals

This article by James Webb discusses existential depression among gifted young people. He examines what it is, how it may manifest in a gifted child, and what a parent can do to help their…

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Basic educational options for gifted students in schools

Joyce VanTassel-Baska explores the options available to educators for working with gifted children by offering strategies to employ with gifted students to prevent them from being bored in the classroom and to challenge them…

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Understanding, Diagnosing, and Coping with Slow Processing Speed

In this article, Steven M. Butnik takes a look at a number of options regarding slow processing speed. Author: Butnik, S. Publisher: 2e Newsletter Year: May/June 2013 It’s not unusual for gifted students to have slow processing…

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Profiles of the gifted and talented

This article by George Betts and Maureen Neihart offers a succinct chart that profiles 6 different “types” of gifted individuals: Successful Challenging Underground Dropouts Double-labeled Autonomous It includes their feelings, attitudes, behaviors, needs, adults…

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