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2020 Fellows

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2020 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Ethan Levy, 17
Miami, FL
Science: “Efficiency of a Novel Nano-Cardiac Device for Atherectomy of Coronary Artery Occlusion”

Annie Ostojic, 18
Munster, IN
Science: “Targeting Cancer via Signaling Pathways: A Novel Approach to the Discovery of Gene CCDC191’s Double-Agent Function using Differential Gene Expression, Heat Map Analyses through AI Deep Learning, and Mathematical Modeling”

Jacob Yasonik, 18
Mequon, WI
Technology: “Multiobjective De Novo Drug Design with Recurrent Neural Networks and Nondominated Sorting”

Maximilian Zhang, 18
Emerson, NJ
Science: “PIF1 Gene Integration: A Novel Chemosensitizing Approach in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer”


2020 Davidson Fellows – $25,000 Scholarship Recipients

Audrey Anderson, 18
Omaha, NE
Science: “Resilin Distribution and Abundance in Apis mellifera Wing Joints across Biological Age Classes”

Kevin Chen, 17
Saint James, NY
Science: “A Toxic Lunar Environment: Adverse Effects of a Lunar Soil Simulant (JSC-1A) on Alveolar Cellular Health and Genomic Integrity”

Jessie Gan, 16
San Diego, CA
Science: “Use of a Novel Force Measurement Method to Quantify the Metastatic Potential of RasV12 Cells”

Alyssa Keirn, 18
Fort Collins, CO
Engineering: “Solar-Powered Ozone and UVC-Based Decontaminator”

Lev Kruglyak, 17
Irvine, CA
Mathematics: “The Rational Cherednik Algebra of Type A_1 with Divided Powers”

Wiley Skaret, 18
Bogota, Colombia
Music: “Recording and Outdoor Video Production of Modern Stylistic Use and Arrangement of Liszt’s Transcendental Etudes”

Emily Tianshi, 16
San Diego, CA
Science: “Biomimicking Torrey Pine Needles: Atmospheric Moisture Harvesting Device Through Alternating Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Micro-Patterns”

Katherine Vandermel, 17
Closter, NJ
Literature: “The Language of Memory: Combating the Erasure of Self-Identity”


2020 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Jack Albright, 16
Los Altos, CA
Technology: “Forecasting the progression of Alzheimer’s disease using neural networks and a novel preprocessing algorithm”

Hailey Edelman, 17
Syosset, NY
Science: “Exploring the Role of Cannabidiol in a Caenorhabditis elegans Epilepsy Model”

Jason Liu, 17
Reno, NV
Mathematics: “Quantum Integer-Valued Polynomials”

Nadine Meister, 18
Exeter, NH
Science: “Cooperative Relaxation in Supercooled Liquids: Kadanoff’s Block Construction and Wilson’s Renormalization Group Transformation”

Jason Ping, 18
Fort Lee, NJ
Technology: “Enabling Personalized Medicine: A Novel Deep Learning Tool for Classifying Genetic Mutations Using Text from Clinical Evidence”

Anushka Sanyal, 16
Los Altos, CA
Science: “Rethinking Therapeutic Targets in Alzheimer’s Disease: A multipronged study linking the nAChR α7 and its role in the G-protein Signaling Pathway for AD”

Kasey Shao, 16
Cincinnati, OH
Music: “Music through stories: A new kind of fairytale”

Kevin Yao, 18
Katy, TX
Science: “A Novel and Feasible Method to Detect and Prevent the Ambient Degradation of Two-Dimensional MoS2 Structures”


2020 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Miss Gwenyth Aggeler
Denver, CO

Miss Ashton Body
Jacksonville, FL

Mr. Esteban Castro
Milford, PA

Mr. Ethan Covington
Bolingbrook, IL

Miss Maria Geogdzhayeva
New York, NY

Mr. Hammad Hassan
Ossining, NY

Miss Eshani Jha
San Jose, CA

Mr. Yash Kadadi
Smyrna, GA

Mr. Shan Lateef
Manassas, VA

Mr. Jeffrey Liao
Livingston, NJ

Mr. Kevin Meng
Plano, TX

Mr. Krithik Ramesh
Engelwood, CO

Miss Shaivi Shah
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Mr. Pranay Talla
Chappaqua, NY

Mr. L’Hussen Toure
Bronx, NY

Miss Sophia Wang
Woodbridge, CT

Miss Zihan Zhao
Flower Mound, TX

Miss Julia Zhu
Andover, MA