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Our leadership staff is here for you! Knowing how your child is doing is important and during the program, families can feel free to contact us. In cases of non-emergency, our leadership staff can be reached at We will do our best to respond within the same day. Messages sent near the end of the day may be returned the following morning. In cases of emergency, parents have access to program staff at any hour of the day or night while your child is in our care. Due to the short nature of the program and the number of participants involved, we ask that phone contact is reserved for cases of extreme urgency or emergencies. The phone number will be sent to enrolled families in our June communications.

Davidson staff will contact a parent/guardian in the following cases:  

  • Regular program emails with updates on what we are doing at camp, including photos to enjoy, will be sent throughout the program. 
  • If your child needs medical care in which the health supervisor determines you should be notified. 
  • If we think you can offer support for academics, behavior, and student care. Parents and students for THINK will also receive a progress report for student course grades during the weekend prior to the final week of class. 
  • If any event has taken place which caused us to alter our typical protocols and redirect programming from the scheduled plan and/or location. 

Care Packages 

Parents are welcome to bring item(s) for Program Assistants to distribute throughout the program per parent directions. Items will only be accepted in person upon check-in. Due to the short duration of STARS and REACH and due to the complex University mailing system, mail (including letters and packages) will not be accepted.  

 THINK Only: Packages sent by major carriers such as UPS and FedEx may be sent to the residence hall address sent to enrolled families in our June communications. The U.S. Postal Service does NOT deliver to the residence halls. Packages will NOT be accepted prior to the program start date. Any packages received before this time will be returned to the sender. If sending Amazon packages, please be sure to check if it can be sent via UPS or FedEx prior to purchasing.