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Health and Medical Care

We care deeply about each of our student’s physical and mental well-being while at camp. Safety is our absolute top priority. Our medical team is trained to provide basic care, first aid, and medication distribution/storage to campers and staff throughout their stay with us. Our staff is trained to engage in supportive conversations with campers who need a little extra TLC, such as addressing homesickness and other feelings that may come up at camp as part of the sleep-away experience. Students should be in a stable emotional and mental state when they arrive at camp. Keep in mind that regardless of the positive and empowering nature of camp, it is an emotionally and physically demanding experience.   

All students must have health insurance to attend camp. Any medical or mental health needs beyond basic care and first aid will be outsourced to a local urgent care or hospital. 

Health Intake and Records

Once accepted, parents submit health information about their student including a health intake form, insurance cards, recent physical examination, and immunization records. This information is reviewed by the health supervisor prior to students’ arrival, and the health supervisor will follow up with families should they need more information or clarification. We encourage parents to reach out to our staff prior to the program if they have any special concerns or questions regarding their child’s health while at camp. Check out our Communicable Illness Plan & Policies for further information on immunizations and communicable illnesses.

Medical Care

Our health supervisor is on-site every day to address student needs. The supervisor reviews all medical information submitted prior to students’ arrival and follows up with families should they need any more information or clarification. On arrival day, the health supervisor will briefly meet with each student to collect medications and conduct a health screening. 

All program personnel are CPR and First Aid certified. Any health care needs or concerns outside the scope of what can be provided by program staff and our health supervisor will be directed to either St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center or Renown Regional Medical Center. Parents will be responsible for all the cost of any/all services rendered, regardless of the location. Additionally, participants must have medical insurance coverage to attend. The Davidson Institute does not provide medical insurance for participants. Since THINK students are enrolled as university students, they also have access to the Student Health Center on weekdays. 

In conjunction with program staff, our Health Supervisor has the discretion to determine if a student is able to continue in our care or if the person’s medical needs exceed what the program is able to provide, and if their presence poses harm to others. In these cases, parents must pick up their student within 24 hours of notification. Please see our cancellations, refunds, and payment policies on your program’s tuition and fees page for more information about early dismissal or departure due to sickness or injury. 


All medications will be turned in to the health supervisor upon arrival. These include prescriptions and over-the-counter medicine such as vitamins, Advil, and allergy medication. Rescue medication, such as inhalers and EpiPens, may be kept by the student. Medications will be stored in a secure area and made available to the student per physician and/or package directions. 

Food Allergies & Special Diets

Meals during the program are offered at the resident dining hall, which is buffet-style dining. Snacks will also be provided in between meals each day. Participants are welcome to bring their favorite nonperishable snacks from home. Please just be mindful of potential allergies and avoid items with nuts. 

The university dining facility is experienced at accommodating special dietary needs. We work closely with the university dining staff to create a food allergy plan to determine what accommodations can be made for specific student needs. 

Each year, children who have food allergies or special diets successfully attend Davidson Summer Programs; however, we cannot guarantee an allergy free environment given that the program takes place in many shared spaces and in an uncontrolled environment. We welcome you to contact us to discuss specific concerns and determine if the program is a good fit based on the participant’s level of comfort and needs. 

Preparing Your Student for Summer

We highly encourage parents to review Healthy Camp Update prior to arrival.