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Participants are ultimately responsible for their own behavior. Leadership staff, program assistants, and instructors work in partnership with participants to uphold program policies with the shared goal of creating and maintaining a safe, healthy program environment. Participants are assigned a program assistant, who will serve as the primary contact during the program. Program assistants live in the dorms alongside students, attend classes, and supervise activities. They are available to offer assistance and support during the program and as well as implement program policies. The leadership team is on site daily to oversee all staff, programming, and supervision.

Due to the University’s minor policies, as well as safety being of the utmost importance in our programs, participants must be accompanied by staff at all times.

A note for THINK students:
We operate in conjunction with the University of Nevada, Reno which helps determine our program policies. Given the age of our THINK participants, the level of care and supervision appropriate for a “traditional” undergraduate student at the freshman level is not necessarily synonymous with what is appropriate for our program participants. It is imperative that THINK students be supervised with the intention of keeping them healthy and safe during their time at the University. While most students are able to easily consent the policies at THINK, other students who are accustomed to greater levels of independence may find these rules too restrictive (e.g. curfews; restricted technology use; direct supervision; campus boundaries). With the goal of every student having a positive and enriching experience at THINK, we encourage those who may find a structured program environment challenging to consider whether THINK is a good fit. We are happy to discuss any specific concerns or questions regarding these program policies in further detail prior to applying to the program.