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Academic Sessions


Participants attend three different academic sessions throughout the week taught by Davidson Academy instructors. These sessions offer students the chance to explore new advanced topics at an advanced level.

2024 Academic Sessions Topics

The Physics of Waves

A large portion of the information in the world around us reaches us in the form of waves. Light, sound, wireless communication technologies, as well as the probabilities inherent in quantum mechanics are all governed by wave behaviors. This session will look at the basic properties that all waves share, as well as specific examples of wave phenomena including reflection, refraction, diffraction, and interference.

Instructor: Brett Guisti

Poetry Through Music

“Poetry is music, and nothing but music. Words with musical emphasis.”
– Amiri Baraka
Come explore the world of Poetry Through Music in this exciting workshop where you’ll engage in both creative and critical thinking as we discuss what makes a poem a poem. Through hands-on learning, you’ll examine the voices of musical artists including Taylor Swift, Bob Dylan, and Tupac Shakur alongside poems by Langston Hughes, Robert Frost, Allen Ginsberg, and MORE! We’ll analyze poetry and songs for their use of rhetorical devices and play some games to see if you can spot the difference between lines or lyrics. Get ready to write collaboratively and play with poetry through a variety of station activities that are sure to get you thinking like the next great pop star or brilliant young bard!

Instructor: Sara Kwasna

Code Castle

Step into the enchanting world of Code Castle, where budding programmers will weave magic with JavaScript to craft their own digital realm. In this captivating course, students will design a majestic castle scene using circles, rectangles, lines, and text. They will then bring it to life with dynamic movements and user interactions, turning it into an interactive wonderland.

Instructor: Callie McCartney