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Academic Sessions


Participants attend three different academic sessions throughout the week taught by Davidson Academy instructors. These sessions offer students the chance to explore new advanced topics at an advanced level.

2022 Academic Sessions Topics

It Pays to Learn Chemistry

Turn regular pennies into “silver” and “gold” as we explore chemical reactions and alloys. Students will engage in hands-on experiments as we investigate matter at both the atomic and macroscopic levels. Students will have a lot to share from the session, including their shiny souvenirs.

Instructor: Beth Verano

Explore the World of Science Fiction

Have you ever dreamt about meeting an alien? Traveling through time? Teleporting to new worlds? Can you imagine the future technologies and how they might be fantastic…or dangerous? Come explore the world of science fiction through stories, games, and art, as we go “to infinity…and beyond!" Students will learn about the elements of science fiction, explore the foundations of sci fi, and write their own stories based on these principles.

Instructor: Erin Vinneau

The Science of Stars

Students will participate in a variety of hands-on activities, demonstrations, and discussions relating to the lifecycle of stars (aka stellar evolution).  Star formation, energy sources for stars, and the exciting events and objects associated with the death of a star will all be explored.  These topics will include nuclear fusion, black holes, neutron stars, white dwarfs, and super novae.  Students will also see how stellar evolution has produced the very elements that make life as we know it possible.

Instructor: Brett Guisti