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Academic Sessions


Participants attend three different academic sessions throughout the week taught by Davidson Academy instructors. These sessions offer students the chance to explore new advanced topics at an advanced level.

2023 Academic Sessions Topics

How does it flow? The Physics of Electricity

This year’s physics course will focus on electrical circuits. We will look at properties of circuits including voltage, current, and resistance as well as common components like resistors, inductors, and capacitors. Students will build a variety of circuits and test them to investigate the physical laws that govern electricity.

Instructor: Brett Guisti

Spherical Geometry

Looking for some world travel this summer? Explore polygons and lines when they are wrapped around a sphere. Lines bend and cross in surprising ways! All this fun with spherical surfaces leads to questions about global shipping and travel, which we will be able to solve with properties that are developed along the way.

Instructor: Diana Martin

From Wacky to Spooky: The Character Generator

Quick: what’s your favorite story? From Elsa to Spider-man, we think of stories in terms of their characters. In this energetic, creative workshop on characters, we’ll learn about the seven different types of characters (wait, there’s only 7?!), we’ll watch a short movie to figure out how it introduces and builds its characters, and we’ll use Dr. Ian’s SHINY CHARACTER-GENERATING MACHINE to tailor-build characters for students to take home with them.

Instructor: Ian De Jong