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STARS Instructors

Brett Guisti

Brett Guisti earned a BS in physics and an MS in technology, both from Brigham Young University. He started out his college career studying computer engineering but found he was more interested in the big questions that physics asks (and frustrated with out of place commas in his code). Brett has been teaching for 19 years, including 14 years at the Davidson Academy. He has taught a variety of physics and technology related courses over the years including engineering, robotics, astronomy, philosophy of science, quantum mechanics, AP physics, and several different permutations of introductory physics. He loves the curiosity of the students in the Young Scholar program and looks forward to working with them this summer.

Sara Kwasna

Sara Kwasna is a native New Yorker and a National Board-certified educator with 22 years of teaching experience. She earned her BA in English from St. Joseph’s College and her master’s degree in literacy from Long Island University. She’s taught a plethora of English courses across middle and high school as well as many electives such as journalism, creative writing, and theater. Sara joined the faculty at The Davidson Academy in January of 2023. Currently, she teaches Rhetoric and Literature, Critical Reading and Writing, and Yoga. She’s looking forward to the energy and enthusiasm that the STARS students are sure to bring this summer.

Callie McCartney

Callie has been teaching math, physics, engineering, and computer science for 13 years.  She loves the STEM fields because combining theory, project design, and real world action is truly fun and meaningful.  She has a master’s in mechanical engineering from UNR with research in using technology to scale engineering education for the purpose of doing more hands-on learning in smaller groups.  Computer science has been her favorite courses to teach over the years as they are so creative, fun, and applicable to everyday life; there is always a fun project or discussion to be had or an interesting problem to solve.