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Success Stories

We believe in the benefits of summer camp! Camp experience has been shown to increase self-esteem, peer relationships, exploration, and more. Here is what some of our families have to say about our camps.

Students attending Summer STARS camp

"My child really enjoyed the program as well as the residential experience. The counselors where also fantastic, which really make the experience more special."

-STARS Parent

Students at Summer STARS camp

"Having our child be so happy around so many other children that are similar to him made our hearts glad! He melted right in and could just be who he is! THANK YOU!!"

-STARS Parent

A boy giving a thumbs up

"I especially enjoyed the fact that the courses were challenging -- that fact alone helped me see more potential in myself"

-THINK Student

"THINK was very important to me, socially. Many of my best friends were made at THINK. Being surrounded by like-minded peers was truly a boon for me. While I had nothing against my age-peers back home, it was always apparent to me that I was slightly different to them. At THINK I was essentially just a normal kid. I related to the students there much more and I became much closer to them because of it."

-THINK Student