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THINK Summer: Courses

THINK is held at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and is taught by university faculty. Participants are enrolled as UNR students to receive college credit for completed courses. In many cases, these credits may be transferable at the high school or college level.

Each student takes one morning and one afternoon course (a total of six credits). These courses are offered exclusively to THINK students. For more details on academics at THINK, please see the FAQ page.

2021 Courses

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT FAMILY STUDIES 200: Sleep and its Development (3 credits)
Description: This course is designed to introduce you to the interesting and complex world of sleep across the lifespan. By being an active, responsible member of this course, you will learn about the nature of sleep, how sleep scientists measure sleep, normal variations in sleep across development, what is happening in the brain during sleep, sleep disorders, and the likely functions of sleep. Through this course, you will also gain insight into your own sleep patterns.
Professor: Melissa Burnham, Ph.D.

SOCIOLOGY 101: Principles of Sociology (3 credits)
Description: Sociological principles underlying the development, structure, and function of culture, society, human groups, personality formation and social change.
Associate Professor: Clayton Peoples, Ph.D.

COMPUTER SCIENCE 135: Computer Science I (3 credits) *Prerequisite requirement: Algebra II (final transcript must be submitted by May 10, 2021).
Description: Introduction to modern problem solving and programming methods. Emphasis is placed on algorithm development. Introduction to procedural and data abstraction, emphasizing design, testing, and documentation.
Lecturer: Erin Keith, M.S.

STATISTICS 152: Introduction to Statistics* (3 credits) *Prerequisite requirement: Algebra II (final transcript must be submitted by May 10, 2021).
Description: Descriptive statistics; probability models; statistical estimation and hypothesis testing; linear regression analysis; and special topics
Instructor: Darren Ripley, Ph.D.

HISTORY 106: European Civilization (3 credits)
Description: Development of western civilization from 1648 to the present.
Associate Professor: Edward Schoolman, Ph.D.

NEUROSCIENCE 105: Introduction to Neuroscience (3 credits)
Description: An introduction to neuroscience and the role and impact of neural disease on society.
Assistant Professor: Fang Jiang, Ph.D.