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Summer Events

Each year the Davidson Institute welcomes hundreds of Young Scholars and their families to the Reno/Tahoe area with opportunities for intellectual growth and in-person connections. With five weeks of summer programming available for students ages 8-16, along with a weekend retreat for the whole family, our goal is to offer something for everyone.

STARS Summer Camp
STARS (Successful, Talented, Ambitious, Remarkable, Scholars) is a residential summer program available to students, ages 8 to 11, enrolled in the Davidson Young Scholars program. STARS participants attend academic sessions and engage in various social activities throughout the program.

REACH Summer Seminar
REACH is a residential summer program designed exclusively for curious young minds! Davidson Young Scholars, ages 11 to 13, have the opportunity to delve deeper into specific course topics during this 10-day experience.

Davidson THINK Summer Institute
THINK is a residential summer program for students, ages 13 to 16. Students take two college classes earning six credits from the University of Nevada, Reno. THINK students come from all over the country and about half of attendees are Davidson Young Scholars. The SAT/ACT score requirement is waived for Davidson Young Scholars.

Young Scholar Summit
Young Scholars are invited to attend a summertime get-together called the Summit, where relationships are fostered between Young Scholar families. During this experience, special activities for the Young Scholars, parent discussion workshops, multiple game rooms, meet and greets, and interaction with dynamic speakers/presenters are offered.

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