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Comparing School Options for Gifted Children

Gifted Resources

Many families wonder how to thoroughly assess different school options for their gifted child. We’ve created the chart below to help with that process. You can use this chart to help you in creating a list of questions to ask schools and as a guide to discussing different options with your family. You may find answers to the questions through visiting different schools, meeting with school officials and teachers, talking with current parents and students, and through materials published by the school (including the school’s website). After researching different options, you can use this chart to organize your thoughts and impressions about each school.

Our discussion chart will guide you through a range of considerations including curriculum, instructional approach, available resources, school culture, and more! You don’t have to answer all questions, though. Some questions and sections are going to be more important to you and your student than others. That’s all okay! This is just meant as a starting point to help you think through your options.

Comparing School Options Discussion Chart


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