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If you’re just beginning your gifted journey as a family, hold on! It’s a wild ride. It can be hard to find resources, information, or support when you’re a parent of a gifted or twice-exceptional child. The Davidson Institute provides a number of services and programs, such as our scholarship, summer programs, online classes, resources and more, but we also like to acknowledge the work of other organizations that support gifted children and their families. Here is a list of some of the gifted organizations and resource support options to know about if you’re just starting out.

  • National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC) is dedicated to supporting “those who enhance the growth and development of gifted and talented children through education, advocacy, community building, and research. [They] aim to support parents and families; K-12 education professionals, including support service personnel; and members of the research and higher education community.” NAGC regularly offers regularly publishes articles, and you can view additional resources, such as their list of state gifted associations.
  • Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) is a national organization formed “to empower families and communities to guide gifted and talented individuals to reach their goals.” They have resources to help parents form local support groups and offer regular webinars for parents and educators.
  • Belin & Blank International Center empowers and serves the international gifted community through their programs, research, and advocacy. They offer identification services, professional development for educators, talent development opportunities, and more.
  • Institute for Educational Advancement aims to “match individuals’ unique gifts and talents with the most appropriate mentors, schools, and other learning resources to maximize each student’s intellectual and personal development.” They serve gifted youths and their families by providing unique educational programs, consulting for educators, scholarships, resources and more.
  • Acceleration Institute “is dedicated to the study of curricular acceleration for academically talented children.” The Acceleration Institute conducts its own research on acceleration, synthesizes current research on acceleration, and acts as a clearinghouse for information on acceleration. They have material for parents, educators, policymakers, and researchers.
  • Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page is run by a gifted family and has thousands of articles, links, and resources on almost every aspect of raising, educating, and being a gifted student.
  •  Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) provides academic opportunities and support for gifted children and their families through online academic programs, talent searches and testing, research, and summer camps.
  • Northwestern’s Center for Talent Development (CTD) nurtures the growth of gifted and talented students through their talent searches, summer programs, online classes, and in-person weekend programs.
  • 2e News provides the latest news and articles on twice-exceptional children. They also publish creative works from twice-exceptional students in their magazine, Variations.
  • Twice Exceptional Children’s Advocacy (TECA)’s mission is to help parents understand what twice-exceptionality is and help them identify whether their children are 2e. TECA assists parents in finding and advocating for the education and resources their children require.
  • Exceeds Expectations Learning offers tutoring and mentoring services on a wide range of subjects for gifted and twice-exceptional students ages 7 and up. They also host online classes and publish a weekly blog.
  • Understood is the result of 15 non-profits working together to support the parents of students with learning and attention issues. They offer personalized resources, access to experts, and practical, research-based strategies for assisting students and their families.
  • Gifted Research & Outreach provides and distributes research on gifted individuals through their searchable library. They also offer events, lectures, and other outreach efforts to support their mission of understanding giftedness.
  • Intergifted is an international organization working to build a worldwide gifted community. They provide a sense of community, gifted identification, and courses as well as personal and professional development opportunities.
  • World Council for Gifted and Talented Children focuses on advocating for and supporting gifted children. They host a bi-annual conference on giftedness, provide educational resources, and have several gifted publications.

For parents looking for more gifted resources and options, be sure to check out our other blogs:


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