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List of Scholarships for Younger Students

Gifted Resources

This state-specific list of scholarships is geared toward younger gifted students.

StateScholarship/Award Description
NationalJack Kent Cooke Foundation ScholarshipsThese scholarship programs are designed to encourage and support outstanding students who work hard and have financial need.
ArizonaStudent Enrichment ScholarshipThis scholarship funds up to 90% of tuition (up to $200) for 40 students in grades K-12 to attend enrichment activities.
ArkansasYouth Challenger AwardThe Youth Challenger Award recognizes one student in grades K-6 and one student in grades 7-12 who takes an “unusual, creative, or different” step.
GeorgiaGeorgia GOAL Scholarship ProgramNeed-based; can be used at private schools for K-12 or for homeschoolers.
IllinoisCarol Morreale Scholarship The purpose of this award is to recognize students currently in grades 1-8 who have demonstrated excellence language arts and/or mathematics.
MaineDistinguished Student AwardThis award recognizes students in grades 4-8 who have distinguished themselves in academics, leadership, and/or the arts.
MassachusettsThe Nicholas Green AwardStudents in grades 3-6 who have shown “exemplary potential in one or more areas” are eligible for this award. Funds may be used towards participation in an enrichment program.
MichiganStudent Summer Scholarships ProgramThe Michigan Association for Gifted Children awards funds to students to attend summer enrichment programs.
Missouri The Gifted Association of Missouri Awards & ScholarshipsStudents in grades 3-6 are who have distinguished themselves in academics, leadership or the arts are eligible for this scholarship.
MontanaMontana AGATE ScholarshipThe Montana AGATE Scholarship awards scholarships to students in grades 1-12. The scholarship may be used towards any educational opportunity.
Nebraska$250 for Pre-K-11 StudentsThis scholarship is awarded by the Nebraska Association for Gifted and supports PreK-11 students wanting to attend a summer program for high ability.
New Jersey The Barbara Swicord Scholarship Students in grades K-12 are eligible for this scholarship. The funds much be used for programs and educational opportunities outside regular school attendance.
North CarolinaStudent Scholarship AwardsStudent Scholarship Awards are intended gifted students in grades K-12 to help finance original projects or instructional opportunities not available within a student’s school district.
OhioOAGC Student ScholarshipThe OAGC Scholarship is for students in grades K-12 who have been identified as gifted and talented. Awards of up to 75% of a program’s cost (maximum of $500) may be given.
OhioSupport for Talented Students (STS)STS’s goal is to provide need based scholarships for summer enrichment programs to gifted and talented students in grades 3-11 in Central Ohio.
OklahomaBeverly Riggs ScholarshipThe Beverly Riggs scholarship is for students who are gifted. Funds must be used for summer camp attendance.
OregonOATAG Young Scholars AwardThe OATAG Young Scholars Award recognizes students in grades 4-8 who have achieved excellence in leadership, visual/performing arts, or academic achievement. Students may be awarded up to $500 to be used for a summer program.
TennesseeSummer ScholarshipTAG’s Summer Scholarship is offered to gifted students in Tennessee and covers up to 85% of a programs total fees (maximum of $500).
TexasTAGT Summer Scholarships TAGT Summer Scholarship is for students who have been identified as gifted in grade K-12. The scholarship awards up to $400 to be used on academic, fine arts, performing arts, or leadership summer programs.
VirginiaStudent Summer Scholarships
WisconsinStudent Summer Scholarships This goal of this scholarship is to help finance summer program attendance by students who are gifted. Award amounts vary.



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