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Extreme Precocity: Prodigies, Savants, and Children of Extraordinarily High IQ

In this article, types of extremely precocious children are described, compared, and contrasted, and a taxonomy of extreme precocity is presented. Author: Feldman, D.H. & Morelock, M.J. Publication: Handbook of Gifted Education, Chapter 35,…

Gifted Research

Strategies for Teaching Twice-exceptional Students

This article provides a number of strategies for teachers who work with learning-disabled students, teachers who work with gifted potential, and guidelines for parents. Author: Winebrenner, S. Publications: 2e Newsletter (originally appeared in Understanding…

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Planning Effective Curriculum Experiences for Gifted Learners

Planning Effective Curriculum Experiences for Gifted Learners This article by Joyce Van Tassel-Baska discusses tips for planning quality curriculum for gifted students. She suggests four roles that should be performed, She also proposes seven…

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Play partner or sure shelter: What gifted children look for in friendship

This article by Miraca Gross explores the five stages children go through in developing their expectations of friendships. She identifies them as: play partner; people to chat to; help & encouragement; intimacy/empathy; and sure…

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Gifted Adults in Work

This article addresses gifted adults and the troubles they face. Author: Nauta, N. & Corten, F. (Kumar Jamdagni , trans.) Publisher: Bohn Stafleu van Loghum Year: 2002 SUMMARY Gifted adults (people with a very…

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Nurturing for Wisdom and Compassion: Influencing those who influence

This article by Rebecca Geiger is a qualitative study of six prominent historical figures and the mentors that played vital roles in their lives. It has been suggested that we need to learn to…

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Selecting the Right Counselor or Therapist for your Gifted Child

James Webb offers suggestions to parents on how to obtain support for their family and their gifted child. Tips for when to look for and how to find a psychologist that is a right…

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Food for thought: Is early college entrance an appropriate alternative for you?

For students whose development is markedly more rapid than that of their age-mates, eventually there comes a time when they are academically ready for college-level work at an atypically young age. Yet, early college…

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