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Highly gifted children and peer relationships

This article by Deirdre Lovecky reviews the research on highly gifted children and peer relationships. The author highlights possible issues with peers for highly gifted children. She also discusses strategies for developing successful peer…

Gifted Research

Mentorship of the Highly Creative

This article details the positive effects of mentoring on a gifted young man. This particular mentorship lasted four years and involved a high school student and two mentors–one of which who resided on the…

Gifted Research

Exceptionally gifted children: Different minds

This article by Deirdre Lovecky examines the thinking processes that differentiate exceptionally gifted children, those with above 170 IQ, from moderately gifted children. Researchers have observed several cognitive differences, both quantitative and qualitative, between…

Gifted Research

Intrinsic motivation

This detailed article outlines 21 strategies for enhancing motivation in students. Theroux has extensive experience dealing with underachieving students and has been greatly influenced by the insight of Joanne Rand Whitmore and Sylvia Rimm.…

Gifted Research

University-based Talent Searches for the Gifted

This article by Mark DeLong describes the four university-based regional talent search programs, including the states they serve and the states in which they offer programs. The difference between the regional talent searches and…

Gifted Research

Acceleration: What we do vs. what we know

This article by Karen Rogers and Richard Kimpston is a review of studies that indicate gifted young people really do benefit from being academically challenged. It states that providing a challenging learning environment will…

Gifted Research

A best-evidence synthesis of research on acceleration options for gifted students

This article by Karen Rogers examines 12 forms of acceleration. The author discusses research results from 314 studies with positive effects. The results show that there were positive findings for socialization effects from grade…

Gifted Research

Academic underachievement among the gifted: Students’ perceptions of factors that reverse the pattern

This article by Linda Emerick studies young gifted people who have pulled themselves through periods of underachievement. It details the main areas that these students felt were crucial in being able to reverse the…

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