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Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Tips for Parents: What You Can do to Reverse Underachievement in The Classroom

This Tips for Parents article is from a seminar hosted by Del Siegle and D. Betsy McCoach. It includes a summary of tips and strategies on helping underachieving students to become achievement-oriented individuals. The…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Social and emotional issues faced by gifted girls in elementary and secondary school

This article by Sally Reis discusses some of the factors that are involved in the social and emotional development of gifted girls. Issues that are faced are explored and factors that help and hinder…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Play partner or sure shelter: What gifted children look for in friendship

This article by Miraca Gross explores the five stages children go through in developing their expectations of friendships. She identifies them as: play partner; people to chat to; help & encouragement; intimacy/empathy; and sure…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Profoundly Gifted Guilt

This article Jim Delisle addresses common fears among parents of profoundly gifted children. He relates the comments he has heard from parents of profoundly gifted children, such as “I’m not smart enough to help…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Overexcitability and the highly gifted child

This article by Sharon Lind explains how the concept of overexcitability, from the work of Kazimierz Dabrowski, relates to some highly gifted individuals. The author identifies several types of overexcitability. Also offered are strategies…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Teaching Mathematics to Gifted Students in a Mixed-Ability Classroom

This blog post offers advice on instructional and curricular modifications for a gifted child. It also explains the responsibility of schools and teachers in developing giftedness in mathematics. Author: Johnson, D. Publisher: ERIC Clearinghouse…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Preparing for and holding an effective school meeting

This article is a guide for parents who are meeting with the school to advocate for an appropriate educational program for their child. It covers preparing the meeting, the meeting itself, and the follow-up…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Small poppies: Highly gifted children in the early years

This article by Miraca Gross is a classic on the development and needs of profoundly gifted children in infancy, toddlerhood and the preschool years. It discusses some of the hallmarks of extreme precocity in…

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