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List of Scholarships for Younger Students

This state-specific list of scholarships is geared toward younger gifted students.  

Gifted Resources

Gifted Distance Learning Schools and Programs

Below is an alphabetical listing of highly gifted distance learning schools and programs. Gifted students can use these online options to enrich their education or enroll in fulltime online programming. 21st Century Cyber Charter…

Gifted Resources

Community Service Scholarships, Grants, and Other Opportunities

Young people everywhere are working hard to effect positive change in the world. Gifted young people are no exception, many of whom have made positive contributions to their communities before graduating from high school.…

Gifted Resources

Mathematically Gifted Students: A List of Resources

Below is an alphabetical listing of highly gifted programs, organizations, opportunities, and more for math students. AlphaStar Academy (Santa Clara, CA) AlphaStar Academy offers extensive training programs for gifted students towards national and international…

Gifted Resources

Gifted Students and Stress Management: Our Favorite Books

Highly gifted students often can experience high levels of stress to excel at everything they are involved with. They tend to be especially perceptive in picking up on environmental cues, so they may be more sensitive to issues…

Gifted Resources

Gifted High School Course Options

In order to satisfy their intellectual needs, many gifted students must take courses beyond the typical high school offerings. Honors classes, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and dual enrollment in college courses are…

Gifted Resources

Talent Search Opportunities for Gifted Students

The following table provides a schedule of Talent Search programs in the United States, contact information, deadline dates and tests required. This is a great resource for parents of gifted children who want their…

Gifted Resources

Perfectionism and Gifted Students: Our Favorite Books

Perfectionism is a combination of the desire to be perfect, the fear of imperfection, and the sense that being perfect will bring acceptance as a person. “Perfectionistic behaviors include such things as over-commitment, super…

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