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Existential depression in gifted individuals

This article by James Webb discusses existential depression among gifted young people. He examines what it is, how it may manifest in a gifted child, and what a parent can do to help their…

Social and Emotional Resources

Understanding, Diagnosing, and Coping with Slow Processing Speed

In this article, Steven M. Butnik takes a look at a number of options regarding slow processing speed. Author: Butnik, S. Publisher: 2e Newsletter Year: May/June 2013 It’s not unusual for gifted students to have slow processing…

Social and Emotional Resources

Dabrowski’s Theory and Existential Depression in Gifted Children and Adults

When people undergo a great trauma or other unsettling event—they have lost a job or a loved one dies, for example—their understanding of themselves or of their place in the world often disintegrates, and…

Social and Emotional Resources

Gifted children: Emotionally immature or emotionally intense?

This article by Lesley Sword examines the emotional intensity of gifted children in terms of the overexcitabilities that are a component of Dabrowski’s theory of emotional development. Descriptions of emotional intensity are given together…

Social and Emotional Resources

Put a Pause on Being Productive

During most years, right now we would be celebrating: Final projects would be turned in. Graduation parties would be happening. And, even if we didn’t have a great year, the school year would be…

Social and Emotional Resources

The Dynamic Gifted Family

Today we are looking at a popular topic for families who are adjusting to the “new normal”. Family dynamics are complex and ever-changing, but as we find ourselves surrounded by our loved ones 24/7…

Social and Emotional Resources

Parenting Self-Care 101

Today’s blog is all about self-care for parents of profoundly gifted (PG) and twice-exceptional (2e) students. We know that there are a lot of resources coming out to help parents support their PG and…

Social and Emotional Resources

Vulnerabilities of highly gifted children

This article by Wendy Roedell points out that although good social adjustment, emotional maturity, and healthy self-concepts are realized by many intellectually gifted children, this same group of children is uniquely vulnerable to a…

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