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Finding the Appropriate Educational Environment for Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Children

This article provides strategies designed to help parents navigate the convoluted public education system and ultimately find the appropriate educational environment for their child. Author: Postma, M. Publisher: Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted…

Gifted Research

Tips for Parents: Advocacy and Working with Your Child’s School

This Tips for Parents article, authored by Ann Lupkowski-Shoplik, Ph.D., is from a seminar she hosted exclusively for Young Scholar parents. She provides numerous strategies on how to advocate for your gifted student in…

Gifted Research

Follow the Fear: Anticipating Missteps in Learning to Write

This article provides information on overcoming the fear of writing. Author: Sciortino, P. Publications: 2e Newsletter Year: September/October 2014 It’s a rare opportunity when educators get to experience firsthand the same challenges their students…

Gifted Research

The DSM-5 and Asperger’s

This article discusses the effects of the latest edition of the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and its effects on those with Asperger’s Syndrome. Author: 2e Newsletter Editorial Team Publications: 2e Newsletter Year: May/June…

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2e-Friendly Summer Camp Listing

Published in the 2e Newsletter, this article provides a listing of good summer camps for twice-exceptional students. Publisher: 2e Newsletter Year: March/April 2013 Summer can be a time for kids to explore new interests,…

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A Kick Start to Summer Camps

In this article, Bob Schultz provides a few suggestions given by gifted students on their summer camp experiences, and what they look for in a summer camp. Author: Schultz, B. Organization: National Association for…

Gifted Research

Writing Transcripts: Excerpt from “Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling”

This excerpt from “Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling”, by Wes Beach, takes a look at a number of examples of high school transcripts. Author: Beach, W. Year: 2012 Writing Transcripts In California and more…

Gifted Research

Living With Intensity – Overexcitabilities in Profoundly Gifted Children

This Tips for Parents article is from a seminar hosted by Dr. Susan Daniels. She began the seminar by addressing the complex nature of the gifted child and provided the Columbus Group (1991) definition…

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