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Gifted Parenting and Strategies

The Goldilocks Question: How to Support your 2e Child and Get it “Just Right”

This article examines three situations common to twice-exceptional children and their parents. From them, guidelines to help parents determine just how much support to give their struggling twice-exceptional children are provided. Author: Neumann, L.…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Put a Pause on Being Productive

During most years, right now we would be celebrating: Final projects would be turned in. Graduation parties would be happening. And, even if we didn’t have a great year, the school year would be…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Managing Frustration and Difficult Feelings in Gifted Children

This Tips for Parents article is from a seminar hosted by Dr. Dale Stuart to help parents understand their gifted child’s intense and difficult feelings, and offer guidance to help their children manage these…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Stealth dyslexia

This article, written by Brock and Fernette Eide, discusses the concept of hidden dyslexia, which can be a common problem among intellectually gifted children. Author: Eide, B. & Eide, F. Publisher: 2e Newsletter Year: October 2005 When…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

The Dynamic Gifted Family

Today we are looking at a popular topic for families who are adjusting to the “new normal”. Family dynamics are complex and ever-changing, but as we find ourselves surrounded by our loved ones 24/7…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Parenting Self-Care 101

Today’s blog is all about self-care for parents of profoundly gifted (PG) and twice-exceptional (2e) students. We know that there are a lot of resources coming out to help parents support their PG and…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate – Which is Best for Gifted Students?

Comparing Goodness of Fit for Gifted Students: AP vs IB In 2011, Jay Mathews, the noted Washington Post education columnist, led a Davidson seminar comparing goodness of fit between Advanced Placement (AP) and International…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

How to explain IQ testing to your gifted child

This article explains how parents can explain the results of IQ testing as part of a gifted identification evaluation through the school. Author: Post, G. Publisher: Gifted Challenges Year: 2015 A few reminders about…

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