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Tips for Parents: What we Know from Longitudinal Studies of E/PG Children

This Tips for Parents article is from a seminar hosted by Miraca Gross, who provides new data on very early developmental advancement and the influence of sound educational planning and decision-making by families. Author: Gross,…

Gifted Research

What parents can do to help their children get organized

While this article, by Sandra Rief, M.A., focuses on what parents can do to help their 2e students get organized, the tips provided are relevant to any gifted student who needs assistance with organization.…

Gifted Research

What Teachers Can Do to Help with Time Management

This article, by Sandra Rief, M.A., focuses on how teachers can help AD/HD students build their organizational and time management skills. This advice can be applied to many students (2e or gifted) who face…

Gifted Research

Exceptionally Gifted Children: Long-Term Outcomes of Academic Acceleration and Nonacceleration

In this article, Miraca Gross discusses the long-term outcomes of grade acceleration versus nonacceleration. Author: Gross, M. Publications: Journal for the Education of the Gifted Publisher: Prufrock Press Volume: 29, p. 404-429 Year: 2006…

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Helping 2e kids in the transition to college

This article, written by Meredith G. Warshaw, was first printed in the July 2006 2e Newsletter and discusses how parents can help 2e students prepare for college life, including advocating for themselves. Author: Warshaw,…

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One District’s Effort to Identify Under-Represented Gifted Students

This article explains how one school district worked to best identify its under-represented gifted students. Author: Smith, L. & Puttcamp, C. Publications: Parenting for High Potential Publisher: National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Year:…

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Four Simple Steps to Self-Advocacy

This article provides tips on how to effectively advocate for your gifted child’s educational needs. Author: Douglas, D. Publications: Parenting for High Potential Publisher: NAGC Year: December 2004 “I can’t read your mind,” I…

Gifted Research

The Tortoise Hypotheses

This article by George W. Dorry, Ph.D. addresses some of the psychological measures of processing speed and outlines some hypotheses to explain individual cases. Author: Dorry, G. Publisher: 2e Newsletter Year: December 2004 The…

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