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Official Practice SAT Partnership

The Davidson Institute has partnered with Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development (CTD) to offer an official practice SAT for 6th-10th grade students.

This Davidson-specific testing opportunity is limited to the dates listed on the Eligibility Assessment page. We have worked with CTD to establish a remote, online testing environment that is in line with the testing and eligibility requirements of Davidson programs. As a result, we will only be accepting CTD Official Practice SAT Program results from Davidson-specific testing dates.

Who is eligible to register for this opportunity?

Based on the eligibility testing accepted by Davidson programs, this opportunity is open to students in 6th-10th grades. Any student in grades 6-10 who is planning to apply to a Davidson program—Davidson Institute's Young Scholars Program, Davidson Academy, Reno, Davidson Academy Online, Davidson Institute’s Explore Program, and/or Davidson Institute’s THINK Summer Institute—can register for this testing opportunity.

As each Davidson program has its own application process and criteria, please be sure to check each program's website for more information on how to apply.

What is this testing opportunity? What does it cost?

This is an Official Practice SAT, administered by CTD.

This test administration is not an official SAT and is not hosted by the College Board.  These scores can be used for eligibility for Davidson-affiliated organizations or CTD programs but are not guaranteed to be a substitute for SAT scores required by other programs requiring eligibility. We have worked with CTD to establish a remote, online testing environment that is in line with the testing and eligibility requirements of Davidson programs.

There is a $55 test registration fee.

When is this testing opportunity happening?

You can always find the up-to-date list of available testing dates on our Eligibility Assessment page.

To ensure that this opportunity is open and available to as many eligible testers as possible, testers are not allowed to participate in two consecutive testing dates.

That is, if you register your child to take the CTD Official Practice SAT and then want them to retest, you must wait one testing session before doing so.

Additionally, students can only participate in a maximum of two test dates during this 2024 testing season (March-December 2024).

We will update available test dates as quickly as possible as testing dates fill up and close to registration. However, if you attempt to register for one of these dates and it is not showing as available on the CTD registration site, that means that testing date is full and no longer open for registration.

Where does this testing opportunity take place?

This is a fully remote testing experience.

How do I learn more and register?

If you are ready to register for the Official Practice SAT, please fill out our Registration Request Form, and a member of our Outreach team will respond within 10 business days with all the information you need to know about registration, how to prepare for test day, and how to apply your student’s scores to the application of the Davidson program of your choosing. REGISTRATION REQUEST FORM CLICK HERE

If you have questions that have not been answered here, please contact our team at