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Meet Glamour’s 2020 College Women of the Year

The women are ice-skating scientists, models-slash-engineers, published authors who happen to be D1 athletes, Rhodes Scholars, and small business owners. They are first-generation Americans, first-generation college students, future Ph.D.s, airline pilots, public servants, educators,…

Reno Teen Award $10,000 for Renewable Energy Project

Oliver Leitner, an 18-year-old student from Reno, Nevada, has won a $10,000 Davidson Fellows Scholarship for his project, Localizing Heat with Carbon Foam for Efficient Solar Distillation. He is one of only 20 students…

Gifted Children: Nurturing Genius (Part One)

The Davidson Institute was featured in this Psychology Today article: Gifted Children: Nurturing Genius (Part One) “As such, Davidson programs for the gifted serve what they refer to as profoundly gifted youth. They define…