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8 Reasons You Should Label Kids as Gifted

This article provides a number of justifications for labeling students as gifted. Author: Van Gemert, L. Publisher: Gifted Guru Year: 2016 You should label kids as gifted if the label fits. This is a…

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Reflective Judgment

This article by Felicia A. Dixon presents teachers with a number of ideas on how they can teach their students to reason and discuss, debate, or write about a number of scenarios. Author: Feldman,…

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Tips for Parents: Parenting the Gifted Child

This Tips for Parents article is from a seminar hosted by Dr. Edward Amend, who provides a number of ideas on how to foster relationships, improve discipline and increase motivation for your gifted child.…

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Types of Acceleration

This excerpt from A Nation Empowered lists 20 different types of acceleration. Publication: Excerpt from A Nation Empowered: Evidence Trumps the Excuses Holding Back America’s Brightest Students Publisher: University of Iowa College of Education Belin-Blank Center…

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Secrets to Becoming a Scholarship Junkie

This Tips for Parents article authored by Sam Lim is from a seminar they hosted for Young Scholar families. They provide advice on obtaining scholarships and college funding. Scholarships are not just Free Money;…

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Critical and Creative Thinking: The Joy of Learning!

Step-by-step critical and creative thinking strategies are discussed in this article. Author: Hickerson, B. Publication: Tempo Magazine Publisher: Texas Association of the Gifted and Talented (TAGT) Year: 2013 “Children do not develop their thinking…

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Tips for Parents: Executive Functioning at Home and School

This blog post is from a seminar hosted by Aimee Yermish. Gifted students kids often develop asynchronously; some aspects of development seem to lag behind others. Yermish discusses the frustrations of these struggles. Author:…

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Tips for Parents: Nurturing Verbal Ability in Gifted Learners

This Tips for Parents article is from a seminar hosted by Joyce VanTassel-Baska. She provides information on how verbally talented learners can benefit from opportunities in all aspects of the verbal arts. Author: VanTassel-Baska,…

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