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Gifted Programs

Gifted Organizations List

If you’re just beginning your gifted journey as a family, hold on! It’s a wild ride. It can be hard to find resources, information, or support when you’re a parent of a gifted or…

Gifted Programs

Cool College Programs for Gifted Students

Cool College Programs for Gifted Students College can be a time for students to take control of their education and do things differently. We’re highlighting some cool opportunities below that students can look for…

Gifted Programs

Davidson Fellows – Leveraging Scientific Innovation to Help Fight Diseases & Disorders

The Fellows Scholarship awards $50,000, $25,000 and $10,000 scholarships to extraordinary young people, 18 and under, who have completed a significant piece of work. Application categories are Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Literature, Music, Philosophy…

Gifted Programs

Online Coding Program Comparison

This chart provides a comparison of the most popular online coding programs used by Davidson Young Scholars. These program can be utilized in a variety of ways; enrichment, tutoring, curriculum replacement, independent study, etc.…

Gifted Programs

Enrichment Programs for Academically Gifted Children

Below is a list of academic enrichment programs offered by various organizations within the gifted community. Davidson Programs International Programs National Programs Online Programs Academic & Enrichment Programs By State: California Colorado Connecticut Florida…

Gifted Programs

Gifted Distance Learning Schools and Programs

Below is an alphabetical listing of highly gifted distance learning schools and programs. Gifted students can use these online options to enrich their education or enroll in fulltime online programming. 21st Century Cyber Charter…

Gifted Programs

Mathematically Gifted Students: A List of Resources

Below is an alphabetical listing of highly gifted programs, organizations, opportunities, and more for math students. AlphaStar Academy (Santa Clara, CA) AlphaStar Academy offers extensive training programs for gifted students towards national and international…

Gifted Programs

Gifted High School Course Options

In order to satisfy their intellectual needs, many gifted students must take courses beyond the typical high school offerings. Honors classes, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and dual enrollment in college courses are…

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