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Gifted Testing and Identification

Interview with Marianne Kuzujanakis on Misdiagnosis

The following Q&A on misdiagnosis was written by Marianne Kuzujanakis, MD, MPH, a pediatrician with a masters degree in public health from Harvard School of Public Health. She is a director of SENG (Supporting…

Gifted Testing and Identification

Living With Intensity – Overexcitabilities in Profoundly Gifted Children

This Tips for Parents article is from a seminar hosted by Dr. Susan Daniels. She began the seminar by addressing the complex nature of the gifted child and provided the Columbus Group (1991) definition…

Gifted Testing and Identification

Assessment, Testing, and Interpretation of Results

This Tips for Parents article authored by Dr. Mary Rissa is from a seminar she hosted for Young Scholar families. She provides information on the different types of assessment, addressing the different purposes of…

Gifted Testing and Identification

Intellectual Assessment of Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted Children

This Tips for Parents article is authored by John Wasserman from a seminar he hosted for Young Scholar families. He covers 14 great bullet point recommendations on the subject of assessment. The goal of…

Gifted Testing and Identification

Gifted Children: Are Their Gifts Being Identified, Encouraged, or Ignored?

This article by Julia Osborn looks at who the gifted are, what the unique needs of these children are including appropriate education, satisfying friendships, and supportive parenting, and what parents and professionals can do…

Gifted Testing and Identification

Assessing Gifted Children

This article by Julia Osborn distinguishes between “testing” and “assessment.” The author then focuses on some of the important and unique issues involved when assessing gifted children’s cognitive, academic, and social/emotional functioning. This short…

Gifted Testing and Identification

Exceptionally gifted children: Different minds

Note: It’s important to note that this is an older article, so the score ranges that it discusses reference older versions of intelligence tests. Many modern intelligence tests have a top score of 160,…

Gifted Testing and Identification

University-based Talent Searches for the Gifted

This article by Mark DeLong describes the four university-based regional talent search programs, including the states they serve and the states in which they offer programs. The difference between the regional talent searches and…

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