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Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

Tips for Parents: High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders Q & A

This article is from a seminar hosted by Dr. Melanie Crawford. She answered questions related to High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), including the signs and symptoms of ASD as well as other commonly…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

2e-Friendly Summer Camp Listing

Published in the 2e Newsletter, this article provides a listing of good summer camps for twice-exceptional students. Publisher: 2e Newsletter Year: March/April 2013 Summer can be a time for kids to explore new interests,…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

Interview with Marianne Kuzujanakis on Misdiagnosis

The following Q&A on misdiagnosis was written by Marianne Kuzujanakis, MD, MPH, a pediatrician with a masters degree in public health from Harvard School of Public Health. She is a director of SENG (Supporting…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

Living With Intensity – Overexcitabilities in Profoundly Gifted Children

This Tips for Parents article is from a seminar hosted by Dr. Susan Daniels. She began the seminar by addressing the complex nature of the gifted child and provided the Columbus Group (1991) definition…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

Preparing Your 2e Child for the Transition to College

In this article, two professionals who help twice-exceptional students and their families make the transition to college provide numerous strategies. Author: Eisner, W. & Wanzenberg, M. Publisher: 2e Newsletter Year: July/August 2010 This is…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

Cleared for Launch: Transition Planning for Twice-Exceptional Kids

This Tips for Parents article authored by Dr. Aimee Yermish is from a seminar she hosted for Young Scholar families about the transition to adulthood for twice-exceptional students. The transition to adulthood is not…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

Twice Exceptional Students: Who They Are and What They Need

This comprehensive article focuses on one of the most overlooked and underserved student populations – twice-exceptional (2e) students or those who demonstrate both intellectual giftedness and specific learning disabilities. Although there has been a…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

A Unique Challenge: Sorting Out the Differences Between Giftedness and Asperger’s Disorder

All-too-often, well-meaning individuals urge parents to seek referrals for psychological evaluation without considering or understanding the typical characteristics of gifted children or the impact of intellectual ability on behavior and relationships. In turn, clinicians…

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