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Talent Search Opportunities for Gifted Students

Gifted Testing and Identification

The following table provides a schedule of Talent Search programs in the United States, contact information, deadline dates and tests required. This is a great resource for parents of gifted children who want their children to experience something fun, while learning about a variety of subjects.

Program NameContact InformationStates ServedApplication DeadlinesEligibilityTest RequiredAccessible Programs
Cal-State Sacramento

Academic Talent Search (ATS)
(916) 278-6249 or
CA and other select statesSee website for details.Grades: 7-12Some courses require students to register with University and Follow University Registration Requirements. View website for more details.Eligible students will be able to participate in pre-college summer courses.
University of Iowa

Belin & Blank Exceptional Student Talent Search (BESTS)
(800) 336-6463 or
AllDeadlines vary according to test taken; see website for details.Grades: 4-9See website for detailsEligible students will have access to pre-college programs that are held during the academic year on Saturdays and during the week over summer break.
Western Kentucky University

Center for Gifted Studies
(270) 745-6323 or
AllSee website for details.Grades 1-10; Varies by programSee website for detailsEligible students will have the opportunity to participate in summer and weekend programs.
Johns Hopkins University

Center for Talented Youth (CTY)
(410) 735-6277 or
AllSee website for details.Grades: 2-12See website for detailsEligible students will have access to summer programs, online resources, writing, and math tutorials.
Southern Methodist University

Educational Talent Search
(214) 768-2364 or
Select high schools in TexasDeadlines vary by program.Grades: 9-12See website for details.Accepted students have access to academic, career, and financial counseling related to college planning.
University of Southern Mississippi

Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies
(601) 266-5236 or

Access online "contact us" form from website
AllDetails for Saturday and summer programs on website.Grades: Pre K– 12; Varies by programQualifying IQ score OR Achievement scores from list of accepted testsEligible students will have the opportunity to participate in Saturday and summer programs.
Purdue University

Gifted Education Resource Institute
(765) 494-7243 or
AllDeadlines vary by program; Registration available online.Grades: Pre K-12; varies by programStandardized or IQ testingAccepted students can participate in weekend programs and residential summer programs.
University of Washington

Halbert and Nancy Robinson Center for Young Scholars
(206) 543-4160 or
AllDeadlines vary by program.Saturday program: Grades K-8

Summer programs: Grades 5-10
See website for details.Accepted students can participate in Saturday and summer programs.
Stetson University

High Achieving Talented Students (HATS)
(386) 822-7500 or
AlSee website for details.High SchoolView Website for more detailsEligible students will have access to weekend workshops and Pre-Law Camps
Northwestern University (CTD)

Northwestern University's Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS)
(847) 491-3782 or
AllRegistration for testing varies by program.Grades: K-12; Varies by programSee website for detailsEligible students will have access to Saturday, summer, and correspondence programs.
Vanderbilt University

Program for Talented Youth (PTY)
(615) 322-8261 or
AllApplication for sessions available online.Grades: 1-12; Varies by programStandardized or IQ TestingStudents who are eligible can participate in a weekend/overnight program, a Saturday Academy, and a three week residential summer program.
College of DuPage

Youth Academy
(630) 942-2208 or
AllDeadlines vary by program.Grades: 3-8Standardized or achievement testingEligible students will have the opportunity to participate in STEM related courses.
University of Minnesota

Talented Youth Mathematics Program (UMTYMP)
(612) 625-2861 or
MNDeadlines are based on the beginning of the Fall Semester. See website for details.Grades: 5-10Different tests required depending on age range. See website for details.Eligible students will have the opportunity to participate in collegiate math courses.
Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY)
*Must participate in Midwest Academic Talent Search (MATS)
(608) 890-3260 or
WIDeadlines vary by program.Grades: 2-12; varies by programVary according to specific program; see website for specific qualifications.Eligible students may participate in online courses during the school year as well as academic and enrichment courses in the summer.
Baylor University

Baylor Talent Identification Program (TIP)
BaylorTIP@baylor.eduTX and surrounding areasSeeks admission from September-JanuaryGrades: 4-12IAR 8/9 for Grades 4-6; IAR for all other gradesEligible students will have access to summer programs, Saturday programs, abroad programs, online courses, and more. See website for full details.
The University of Alabama

Talent Identification and Development for Advanced Learners (TIDAL)
spema@ua.eduAlln/aGrades: 3-8n/aProvides above-level achievement testing and guides for interpreting score reports to understand your student's academic needs and readiness in grades 3-8 without the need for in-person tests.
Arkansas School for Math, Sciences, + The Arts

ASMSA Talent Identification Program (ASMA-TIP)
talent@asmsa.orgARVaries by Semester7th GradersSee website for detailsASMSA-TIP students will receive a voucher to take the ACT as an "above-level" test. Participants will also receive resources with content specific to gifted and talented students.


Shanetta Dingle

My son is 4 years old and is extremely gifted, yet very very energetic. He memorizes numbers and knows all of his addition, subtraction facts. He has a gift with technology also with phones, tablets, and computers. I would like to know techniques to work with him and have him assessed. I know his is gifted, as others in our family, but I would like for him to have an assessment. Thank you kindly in advance.

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