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2001 Fellows

2001 Davidson Fellows

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2001 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Joshua Feldman, 11
Manhasset Hills, NY
Music: “Four Masterpieces from the Baroque Period to the 20th century”

Brennan Johnson, 18
Des Moines, IA
Technology: “Phylogeography of the Western Hognose Snake”

Chintan Hossain, 14
Wilmington, DE
Mathematics: “Conquering the Heart Using Nonlinear Dynamics”

2001 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Eric Anderson, 17
Silver Spring, MD
Science: “Snaker 2”

Julia Carey, 15
Newark, DE
Mathematics: “Compositions for Orchestra and Chamber Groups”

Kai Kadoich, 17
Mandeville, LA
Technology: “Melville’s Metaphysical Masterpiece”

Kit Armstrong, 9
Westport, CO
Mathematics: “
Five Elements”

Rachel Emery, 16
Ventura, CA
Literature: “I-Ana”

Daniel Ohrenstein, 15
Cedar Falls, IA
Mathematics: “
The Endeavor of Seeing the Essential Nature of Existence”



Video – 2001 Davidson Fellows Reception (YouTube)