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2002 Fellows

2002 Davidson Fellows

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2002 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Wenyi Cai, 17
Naperville, IL
Technology: “Quantitative Analysis of Highly Transient Gasoline Sprays by Time-Resolved Synchroton X-Radiography”

Allan Chu, 17
Saratoga, CA
Technology: “LZAC Lossless Data Compression: A Novel Approach to Minimum Redundancy Coding”

Jason Chu, 16
Hockessin, DE
Science: “Fibrogenesis Retardation”

Sebastian Chang, 14
Trabuco Canyon, CA
Music: “Music Composition With Performance and Improvisation”

Marcin Mejran, 16
New York, NY
Mathematics: “Measuring Transcriptional States with a Highly Parallel Single Molecular Resequencing Approach”

2002 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Jennifer Alyono, 17
Silver Spring, MD
Science: “Electrochemical Biosensor for Phospholipase C Based on Supported Hybrid Lipid”

Sheel Ganatra, 17
Newark, DE
Mathematics: “Escaping a Forest of Circular Mirrors: A Topological Analysis of Phase Spaces”

Louis Malcom Hutson, III, 17
Mandeville, LA
Technology: “Hashing Algorithms: An Evolutionary Approach”

Ashvin Mysore, 17
Louisville, CA
Technology: “Fractal Terrain generation with the ROAM Terrain System”

Britta Redwood, 14
Grapevine, TX
Literature: “The Singing Earth”

Kavita Shukla, 17
Ellicot City, MD
Science: “Food Preservation Technology Utilizing Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum Graecum)”

Christopher Falzone, 16
Richmond, VA
Music: “
At the Piano — A Celebration of Human Expression and Creativity”

Jennifer Hall, 17
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Literature: “Afloat”

Alexandra Morris, 10
Ventura, CA
Literature: “Into the Archway”

Alexander Power, 15
Cedar Falls, IA
Mathematics: “
On Chromatic Polynomials and the Properties of their Chromatic Growth Ratios”

Benjamin Schwartz, 16
Westport, CO
Mathematics: “
A New Tool for the Measurement & Analysis of Grain Boundary Energy with the Atomic Force Microscope”

Amyie Vuong, 16
Oklahoma City, OK
Science: “Autoimmunity and Cancer”


2002 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Mr. Jeff Binder
Cincinnati, Ohio
Technology: Discord -A Game Engine for MAC OS X

Mr. Derek Carr
Fox, Ark.
Technology: Online School Gradebook Network
Miss An Nguyen
Potomac, Md.
Technology: Palm Clinical Weblog: A Palm Pilot Application for Medical Students Recording Clinical Clerkship Experiences
Mr. Jean Otrakji
Rumson, N.J.
Technology: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Project
Mr. Victor Hu
Bellaire, Texas
Mathematics: Optimizing Transportaion and Distribution
Mr. Ralph Stikeleather
Cincinnati, Ohio
Mathematics: The Divisibility Rule of the Numbers 10 through 19
Mr. Matthew Christiansen
Silver Spring, Md.
Science: The Effects of Environmental Pollutants on Prokaryotes
Miss Heather Fenstemaker
Commerce City, Colo.
Science: Herbicide’s Effect in Rocky Mountain National Park
Miss Marlise Hofer
Tallahassee, Fla.
Science: Alcohol and Nicotine: Effect on Embryonic Development
Miss Georgina Lau
Dallas, Texas
Science: nNOS and Muscular Dystrophy
Mr. William Mahon
Las Vegas, Nev.
Science: The Fungus Among Us in the Las Vegas Wash
Miss Lindsey Weinstock
Smithtown, N.Y.
Science: Laser Light Scattering Studies on the Physicochemical Properties of the Double-Chained Anionic Surfactant AOT and Its Interactions with Polyvinylpyrrolidone
Miss Monika Wieland
Portland, Ore.
Science: Beneath the Waves: A Study of Boats and Orca Vocalizations
Mr. James Dees
Macon, Ga.

Literature: Gauguin’s Mirror and Poems

Miss Katie Gutierrez
Laredo, Texas
Literature: Perfection and Hairline Cracks
Miss Joy Harrigan
Miami, Fla.
Literature: A Voice Amid the Noise
Miss Jung Min Cho
Cresskill, N.J.
Philosophy: Dostoevsky and Nietzche: Man and His Consciousness
Miss Natasha Sinha
Milton, Mass.
Music: Music Composition and Performance: Building Communities
Miss Ruth Youn
North Potomac, Md.
Music: A Collection of Ruth Youn’s Performances: A Journey into Music Making
Mr. Roger Zare
Sarasota, Fla.
Music: Compositions Dealing with the Human Condition


Video – 2002 Davidson Fellows Reception (YouTube)