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2003 Fellows

2003 Davidson Fellows

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2003 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Devon Guthrie, 16
Claremont, CA
Music: “An American Quartet: Poet, Composer, Singer, and Pianist”

Justin Liu, 17
Sacramento, CA
Science: “Chemokine Receptors and Chemokine Receptor-like Proteins: Prime Candidates for Tyrosine Sulfation”

Daniel Kane, 17
Madison, WI
Mathematics: “Two Papers on the Theory of Partitions”

Jamie Rubin, 16
Fort Myers, FL
Science: “Characterization of the Secreted Aspartic Proteinases of C. albicans Using a Combinatorial Approach”

2003 Davidson Fellows – $25,000 Scholarship Recipients

Timothy Andres, 16
Washington, CT
Music: “Piano Works of Timothy Andres”

Anders Kaseorg, 17
Charlotte, NC
Mathematics: “The Theory of P-Set Games”

Irene Sun, 16
Indianapolis, IN
Science: “Model-Based Gene Expression Analysis of Synovial Cells Under Impulsive Shock”

Qilei Hang, 17
Cumberland, MD
Science: “Optimization of the Location for Two Drawpoint Holes in Conical Stockpiles”

Pallavi Mahidhara, 15
Bethesda, MD
Music: ““My Musical Journey with the Piano”

Michael Snow, 17
Woodmere, NY
Science: “The Effect of Inorganic Fillers on Adhesion”

2003 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Julian Gingold, 16
Scarsdale, NY
Science: “Analyzing/Displaying Protein Motion: Variations in Interatomic Distances and Crystallographic B-Factor”

Keerthi Prabhala, 17
Irvine, CA
Technology: “Brainwave Derived Electronic Control”

Mandeep Virdi, 17
Plainview, NY
Science: “The Synthesis of a Taxoid Porphyrin Conjugate for Selective Drug Delivery”

Tim Lyakhovetskiy, 16
Palo Alto, CA
Technology: “STEM Engine”

Arielle Tambini, 17
Suffern, NY
Science: “A Comparison of the Neuropsychology of Gulf War Veterans and Civilians Exposed to Pesticides”

2003 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Miss Cynthia Chi
Sugar Land, Texas
Technology: A C++ Approach to Data Clustering

Miss Li Bian
Wilmington, Del.
Science: A Universal Equation to Calculate Hydrogen Bond Strength for Different Systems
Mr. Brandenn Bremmer
Venango, Neb.
Science: The Effects of Mycotoxins on Canine Reproduction
Miss Aditi Hendi
Newark, Del.
Science: Neuron Pathfindings: Surface Analyses of Biomaterial Substrates for the Regeneration and Direction of Neurite Outgrowth
Miss Ashley Peterson
Oyster Bay, N.Y.
Science: Equus DNA Classification and its Role in Breeding and Evolution
Miss Shaliz Pourkaviani
Longwood, Fla.
Science: The Effects of Chemicals Found in Crop Circles on Brassica rapa
Miss Crystal Rapier
Muncie, Ind.
Science: Manufactured Placebo T-Cells: A Possible HIV Cure
Mr. Shamsher Samra
Fresno, Calif.
Science: Heat of Condensation: A Natural Source of Protective Heat
Mr. Howard Wang
Wilmington, Del.
Science: Effects of Interface on Granular Particles
Miss Elizabeth Goldleaf
Niskayuna, N.Y.
Literature: A Colored Wind: A Collection

Miss Eva Sclippa
Charleston, S.C.
Literature: Five Arrows
Mr. Pengfei (Phillip) Zhang
Cockeysville, Md.
Philosophy: Method
Miss Vivian Cheng
Cary, N.C.
Music: Let Music Bring Healing and Peace to the World
Mr. Lee Dionne
Ridgefield, Conn.
Music: Performance Portfolio
Miss Ann Fontanella
West Chester, Penn.
Music: Continuing the Tradition – Virtuoso as Performing Artist and Composer
Miss Sarah Gibson
Alpharetta, Ga.
Music: Original Compositions: Austria, Remembrance, Tears of Good Bye
Mr. Jay Greenberg
New York, N.Y.
Music: Overture to 9/11, Viola Concerto in G Minor, Piano Concerto #3
Mr. Emory Hsu
Winter-Springs, Fla.
Music: Giving Soul to Life Through Piano and Violin Performances
Mr. Jacob Yandura
Dublin, Ohio
Music: My Music, My Life
Miss Grace Woo
DeKalb, Ill.
Outside the Box: Fuzzy Logic and Beautiful Music (Engineering & Piano)

Video – 2003 Davidson Fellows Reception (YouTube)