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2004 Fellows

2004 Davidson Fellows

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2004 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Nicole Ali, 16
Saint Paul, MN
Science: “Twisted Gastrulation and Chordin Can Aid Primitive Human Hematopoietic Cell Expansion Ex Vivo”

Rachel Naomi Kudo, 17
Northbrook, IL
Music: “For the Love of Music”

Shuyu Wang, 17
East Lansing, MI
Science: “Statistical Mechanics of DNA Bending”

Jerry Guo, 16
Greer, SC
Technology: “Development of an Advanced Bayesian Statistical Spam Filter”

2004 Davidson Fellows – $25,000 Scholarship Recipients

Athena Adamopoulos, 17
New York, NY
Music: “Expressing the Voice of the Individual in Music”

Molly Carr, 17
Reno, NV
Music: “Heaven Breaking In On Us”

Harish Khandrika, 17
La Jolla, CA
Science: “Analysis of X-Rays from the Core of Radio-Galaxy Centaurus A”

April Wang, 17
Cincinnati, OH
Literature: “Who Am I?”

Boris Alexeev, 17
Athens, GA
Mathematics: “Minimal Space DFA’s for Testing Divisibility”

Matthew Goldstein, 17
Delmar, NY
Technology: “DoorManBot: Instant Message Relaying for Offline Users”

Natasha Simonova, 17
Huntingdon Valley, PA
Literature: “The Renaissance: But Victual of Voracious Change”

2004 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Ann Chi, 17
Terre Haute, IN
Science: “H2 and C2H4 Elimination Pathways in the Y + C2H6 Reaction”

Lee Huttner, 15
Pittsburgh, PA
Philosophy: “The Religio-Spiritual Impulse and Its Biological Inherence in Humans”

Stephanie Tse, 17
Los Angeles, CA
Science: “SNP Detection of a 410bp Region of the MTRR Promoter in Colorectal Adenoma Patients”

Illya Filshtinskiy, 17
Westerville, OH
Music: “A Step Toward My Dream”

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, 17
Brewster, NY
Science: “Disease Propagation Through Connective Paths”

2004 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Mr. Hans Anderson
Evergreen, CO
Technology: Robots in Agriculture

Mr. Brendan Pawlowski
Tucson, AZ
Technology: Zaitzaket
Mr. Maneesh Sethi
Fair Oaks, CA
Technology: Game Programming for Teens
Mr. Daniel Graves
Milwaukee, WI

Mathematics: A Mathematical Model for B-DNA in a Nucleosome

Miss Victoria Chu
Hockessin, DE
Science: The Fourth State of Matter

Mr. Shiv Gaglani
Melbourne Beach, FL
Science: The Holy Grail of Tissue Engineering: Rapid Angiogenesis for Effective Organ Perfusion
Miss Anjali Gupta
Hockessin, DE
Science: Can the Rho-A Derived Peptide be Expressed on the Surface of Alfafa Mosaic Virus Particles
Mr. Vivek Kuncham
Old Westbury, NY
Science: Development of an Optimal Polymer Coating through Crystalline Modification
Miss Jessica Meier-Peterson
Milwaukee, WI
Science: The Effects of H2O2 on HIF-1 Expression in Astrocytes
Miss Kelly Moltzen
Harriman, NY
Science: DNA Repair Capacity of Oxidative DNA Damage in Sisters Discorant for Breast Cancer

Miss Anita Shankar
Houston, TX
Science: The Effects of Modeled Microgravity on Protein Expression in MG-63 Bone Cells

Mr. Timofey Spiridonov
Bethesda, MD
Science: Detection of Optimal Targets for Oligo-Probe and siRNA Design: Application for the SARS Coronavirus
Miss Allison Suarez
Valley Springs, CA
Science: Solving the pH Mystery in the Penn Mine Wetland
Miss Mitali Thakor
Clarksville, MD
Science: Stem Cell Tissue Engineering with a Nanowire-Hydrogel Matrix
Miss Katherine Van Schaik
Columbia, SC
Science: Formaldehyde Emissions from Oriented Strand Board and Absorption by an Artificial Human Lung
Miss Marie Agnello
Snellville, GA
Literature: With Kisses From Cécile, A Young Adult Novel
Mr. Rohan Krishnamurthy
Kalamazoo, MI
Music: Making Music with the Mridangam
Mr. Andrew Tyson
Durham, NC
Music: From the Piano: Conveying Emotion and Beauty
Mr. Jourdan Urbach
Roslyn Heights, NY
Music: The True Gift of Music is in the Giving Back
Mr. Evan Ward
Fountain City, IN
Music: Branching Out on the Banjo

Video – 2004 Davidson Fellows Reception (YouTube)