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2005 Fellows

2005 Davidson Fellows

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2005 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Karsten Gimre, 11
Banks, OR
Music: “Conversation Without Words”

Tiffany Ko, 16
Terre Haute, IN
Technology: “Designing a Capacitance-Based Security System Employing the MC33794 E-Field Sensor Chip”

Milana Zaurova, 17
Fresh Meadows, NY
Science: “Gene Therapy Meets Chemotherapy: Exposure of Malignant Glioma Cells to Transgenic Embryonic Stem Cells and Temozolomide”

Heidi Kaloustian, 17
Canton, MI
Literature: “The Roots of All Things”

2005 Davidson Fellows – $25,000 Scholarship Recipients

Maia Cabeza, 12
Chapel Hill, NC
Music: “Sharing Music With People Around The World”

Tudor Dominik Maican, 16
Bethesda, MD
Music: “Symphonietta for String Orchestra, D’un Monde a l’autre, Reflections on James Joyce”

John Zhou, 16
Northville, MI
Science: “A Study of Possible Interactions Among Rev1, Rev3 and Rev7 Proteins from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae”

Brett Harrison, 16
Dix Hills, NY
Mathematics: “A Proof of Seymour’s Conjecture for All Oriented Graphs”

Justin Solomon, 17
Oakton, VA
Technology: “Identification of Differential Surface Properties on a Triangle Mesh for Facial & Object Recognition”

2005 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Kadir Annamalai, 17
Saratoga, CA
Science: “Growth of Germanium Nanowires Through the Vapor Liquid Solid Mechanism”

Benedict Shan Yuan Huang, 17
Coram, NY
Science: “Changed Particle Production in High Energy Nuclear Collisions”

Nimish Ramanlal, 16
Winter Springs, FL
Technology: “Programmable Quantum Computing: A New Framework with von Neumann Type Architecture”

Fan Yang, 17
Davis, CA
Science: “Identification of Bacterial Adhesion Antagonists for Contact Lenses & Intraocular Lenses”

Stephanie Hon, 17
Fort Myers, FL
Science: “The Effects of Intracerebroventricular Passive Immunization on the Deposition of Beta-Amyloid”

Lucas Moller, 16
Moscow, ID
Science: “Static and Dynamic Analysis of Mars Dust:  Application to Mars Exploration”

Tony Wu, 16
Irvine, CA
Technology: “A Category Oriented Web Search Engine Based on Round Robin Learning and Ranking Algorithm”

Marc Yu, 6
Monterey Park, CA
Music: “Performance Selections for Piano”


2005 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Mr. Robert Glissmann
Boulder, CO
Technology: Utilizing Audio Feedback Technology in the Teaching of Body Kinesis

Mr. Frank Anderson
Antioch, TN
Science: Ergonomics: Optimizing the Fun and Function of Handheld Video Games While Preventing Injuries
Miss Victoria Chu
Hockessin, DE
Science: Security in Numbers: Liquid Crystal Polymer Layers in Security, Storage and Graphic Devices
Mr. Blake Clifft
Camden, TN
Science: Deviations in Various Testing Parameters That Determine Optimum Skateboard Quality and Performance
Mr. Jayanth Krishnamurthi
Iselin, NJ
Science: A Numerical Design Simulation of a Novel Notched Airfoil
Mr. Vedant Misra
Harriman, NY
Science: Quantum Tunneling of Electron Bubbles Generated by Neutrino Scattering in LHe
Mr. Neil Nayak
Hockessin, DE
Science: Synthesis of a Novel Heparin-based Micellar System for Effective Drug Delivery
Mr. Vlad Papa
Olathe, KS
Science: Cloning the Histamine H4 and Chemokine ccR5 Receptors into Baculouirus Expression Vector
Mr. Josh Silverman
Glen Head, NY
Science: Engineering and Development of Small Hairpin RNAi Libraries
Miss Ivy Tam
New York, NY
Science: Stable Uptake, Replication and Chromatin Assembly of Malaria Parasite Plasomodium Falciparum

Mr. Sheel Tyle
Pittsford, NY
Science: The Effect of Muller Cells on the Survival of Photoreceptor Cells

Mr. Sujay Tyle
Pittsford, NY
Science: Strides Towards More Efficient Ethanol Production
Mr. Hasan Altaf
Islamabad, PAKISTAN
Literature: These Precious Things
Miss Caitlyn Moe
Lake Oswego, OR
Literature: Xandaerin’s Story: A Study of Consciousness
Miss Anna Stalker
Birmingham, AL
Literature: The Gravity of Dogs
Miss Neena Deb-Sen
New York, NY
Music: Musings of the Soul, An Interpretive Gesture Through the Voice of the Cello
Miss Claire Huangci
Lansdale, PA
Music: Music Making for Inspiration
Miss Michelle Naughton
Madison, WI
Music: Spreading the Musical Word
Mr. Evren Ozan
Laguna Beach, CA
Music: Native American Flute Music
Miss Michelle Ross
Scarsdale, NY
Music: Beauty is Truth and Truth is Beauty


Video – 2005 Davidson Fellows Reception (YouTube)