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2006 Fellows

2006 Davidson Fellows

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2006 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Heather Engebretson, 16
Tuscaloosa, AL
Music: “Music as Universal Communication”

Michael Viscardi, 17
San Diego, CA
Mathematics: “On the Solution of the Dirichlet Problem with Rational Holomorphic Boundary Data”

Shivani Sud, 16
Durham, NC
Science: “HIV-1 Tat and IGK-Chain Secretion Based Protein Transduction: A Novel Strategy for Molecule Delivery”

2006 Davidson Fellows – $25,000 Scholarship Recipients

Stephanie Chen, 17
Austin, TX
Music: “A Musical Painting”

Sheela Krishnan, 17
Suffern, NY
Science: “Foulbrood Isolation and Characterization of a Potential Probiotic Cocktail for the Control of American Foulbrood in Domestic Honeybees”

Adam Solomon, 16
Bellmore, NY
Science: “The Effects of Age on Brown Dwarf Spectral Features in the Near-Infrared”

Kyle Dacuyan, 16
Sterling, VA
Literature: “What Have You Been, Where Have You Gone Musical Painting”

Varun Kumar, 17
Bellaire, TX
Science: “Novel Properties in Europium DOTA – tetraamide Complex for use in MRI Contrast Agents”

Yi Sun, 17
San Jose, CA
Mathematics: “On the Expected Winding Number of a Random Walk on the Unit Lattice”

2006 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Travis Johnson, 13
Milwaukie, OR
Music: “Trails of Hope: The Importance of Adding New Music to the Classical Repertoire”

Albert Shieh, 16
Paradise Valley, AZ
Science: “A Novel Algorithm for Automated SNP Genotyping”

Anarghya Vardhana, 17
Beaverton, OR
Mathematics: “Novel Method of Computing Jacobi Symbols for Mersenne Numbers”

Steven Wu, 15
Folsom, CA
Science: “Optimizing Quadrupole Ion Trap Geometry by Computer Simulations”

Drew Petersen, 12
Oradell, NJ
Music: “Keeping Classical Music Alive”

Anna Stalker, 15
Birmingham, AL
Literature: “The Reincarnation Journals”

Cindy Wang, 17
Geneva, IL
Science: “nm2608A, A New Naturally Arising Mouse Model for Human Autosomal Recessive Achromatopsia 2”


2006 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Miss Valerie Hsiung
Cincinnati, Ohio
Literature: They Came To Stay

Mr. Spencer Lenfield
Paw Paw, Michigan
Literature: Beyond Sound and Fury: Writing in the Shadow of Faulkner
Miss Subha Perni
West Bloomfield, Michigan
Literature: Parched in the Desert of the Real
Miss Patricia Sazani
Lompoc, California
Literature: Farewell to Tadpoles
Mr. Stephen Feigenbaum
Winchester, Massachusettes
Music: Affirmations of Hope: Extending Traditions
Miss Harriet Langley
Scarsdale, New York
Music: J.S. Bach; L.V. Beethoven; E. Chausson; H. Wieniawski
Mr. Nico Olarte-Hayes
Plainsboro, New Jersey
Music: Reflexiones del Alma
Miss Caeli Smith
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Music: Beyond the Mozart Effect: Reaching Out With Classical Music
Mr. Alexei Tartakovski
Feasterville Trevose, Pennsylvania
Music: Music – The Great Communicator
Mr. Joseph Tsai
Northridge, California
Music: Beyond the Notes

Miss Abbie Groff
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Science: Electricity Generation Using Microbial Fuel Cells
Miss Nancy Satsangi
San Antonio, Texas
Science: A Novel Regeneration Device For Enhanced Biomimetic Response of Osteoblast Progenitors
Mr. Ethan Sperry
Terre Haute, Indiana
Science: A Molecular Analysis of Variation Within A Controlled Population of White-Tailed Deer
Mr. Sujay Tyle
Pittsford, New York
Science: Direct Biomass Conversion to Ethanol for Alternative Fuel Development: A Molecular Cloning Approach
Mr. Sheel Tyle
Pittsford, New York
Science: The Impact of Muller Cell Reactivity Durning Retinal Degeneration
Miss Roopa Varadarajan
Florence, South Carolina
Science: Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-5 Gene Expression in Lens Cells Treated With Glucocorticoid
Mr. Naren Velez
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Science: Production of Bodies from Different Source Materials and its Effect on Engine Performance
Mr. David Ying
Miami, Florida
Science: Meristem-Tip Culture Boosts Yield of Sweet Potato, CV Picadita
Miss Emily Zhao
Terre Haute, Indiana
Science: Relationships of Protein Essentiality in Protein Interaction Networks Using Mathematics

Miss Anna Jolene Mork
Seattle, Washington
Science: A Tale of Two Plants: Comparative Autofluorescence in a Unicellular to a Multicellular Species 

Video – 2006 Davidson Fellows Reception (YouTube)