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2007 Fellows

2007 Davidson Fellows

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2007 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Alexandra Courtis, 17
Davis, CA
Science: “Bright Luminescent Silicon Nanoparticles for Biological Applications”

Yale Fan, 15
Beaverton, OR
Technology: “Applications of Multi-Valued Quantum Algorithms”

Todd Kramer, 17
Port Jefferson, NY
Music: “Finding My Voice Through Music”

Katherine Orazem, 17
Ames, IA
Literature: “After-Elegies”

Madhavi Gavini, 17
Starkville, MS
Science: “Engineering a Novel Inhibitor of Biofilm-Encapsulated Pathogens”

2007 Davidson Fellows – $25,000 Scholarship Recipients

Nate Bottman, 16
Seattle, WA
Mathematics: “Analytically Determining the Spectra of Solutions of the NLS”

Danielle Lent, 17
Cedarhurst, NY
Science: “Optimizing Recycled Polymer Blends Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide”

Damon Meng, 16
Madison, NJ
Music: “Reviving Classical Music Through Individualism”

Michael Harwick, 17
Bridgewater, NJ
Literature: “Highways: The Road as Existence”

Celeste Lipkes, 17
Wesley Chapel, FL
Literature: “Room to Pace”

Janet Song, 15
Norristown, PA
Science: “Development of a Urine Test for the Early Detection of Cancer”

2007 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Richard Alt, II, 17
Fredericksburg, PA
Science: “A Comparison of Three Seasonal Snowfall Forecasting Methods for Winter 2004-05”

Billy Dorminy, 15
McDonough, GA
Technology: “Improper Fractional Base Encryption”

Graham Van Schaik, 16
Columbia, SC
Science: “Pyrethroid Pesticides and Their Potential to Promote Breast Cancer and Neurodegeneration”

Christina Beasley, 17
Vienna, VA
Literature: “An Experiment in Free Speech”

Shannon Lee, 14
Plano, TX
Music: “Creating a Musical Bond”

Nora Xu, 17
Naperville, IL
Science: “Modeling of X-Ray Scattering for Nanocrystal Superlattice Multilayer Thin Films”

2007 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Miss Carrie Anderson
Cimarron, New Mexico
Science: A Process to Remove Silica from Inland Brackish Water

Mr. Vijay Jain
Roslyn, New York
Science: An Integrated Smart Chip: The Early Diagnosis of Cancer and Rapid Identification of Bioterrorism

Mr. Christopher Lee
West Covina, California
Science: Deformation of Cesium Hydrogen Sulfate for Fuel Cell Application
Miss Shravani Mikkilineni
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Science: Dendrimer-Based Nanodevices for Drug Delivery Across the Blood Brain Barrier
Mr. Vinayak Ramesh
El Dorado Hills, California
Science: MEMS Bi-Morph Actuator and Piezoresistive Sensor Integrated Cantilevers for Enhanced AFM Imaging
Mr. Franz Sauer
Manalapan, New Jersey
Science: Towards Making the Smallest Tool Machine for Nanotechnology
Miss Alexandra Schultz
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Science: The Discrete Localization of Modern vs. Classical Languages in Bilingual Aphasia Case Studies
Mr. Eric Sherman
Ephrata, Pennsylvania
Science: Photoenzymatic Repair: The Effect of UV-A and UV-B Radiation on Ciliates

Mr. Arkajit Dey
Palo Alto, California
Mathematics: Tree-Realizability of a Distance Matrix

Mr. Michael Cherkassky
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Outside the Box: Statistical Analysis of the Random Nature of Financial Markets
Mr. Nicholas Brady
Baltimore, Maryland
Philosophy: Thugz Theory
Mr. Alexander Malanych
Meriden, Connecticut
Literature: Hope and Other Supposed Misemotions: Modern Gay Male Identity
Mr. Joshia Tan
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Literature: The Apprentice Bistro: Selective Original and Literary Works of Joshia Tan

Miss Eloise Kim
Portland, Oregon
Music: A Momentous Beginning Through Music

Mr. Thomas Reeves
New York, New York
Music: Piano Concerto No. 1
Miss Alize Rozsnyai
San Diego, California
Music: A Woman’s Voice; A Woman’s Music

Video – 2007 Davidson Fellows Reception (YouTube)