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2008 Fellows

2008 Davidson Fellows

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2008 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Akhil Mathew, 16
Madison, NJ
Mathematics: “Translation – Invariant Binary Representations”

Christine Shrock, 17
Setauket, NY
Science: “Investigating an Allosteric Binding Site for a New Class of HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors”

Conrad Tao, 14
New York, NY
Music: “Bringing Classical Music from the Past to the Future as Pianist and Composer ”

Sikandar Porter-Gill, 17
Gaithersburg, MD
Science: “The Production of Methane in a Two-Chambered Bio-Catalyzed Microbial Fuel Cell Utilizing Methanosarcina  barkeri”

Philip Streich, 17
Platteville, WI
Science: “Determining Carbon Nanotube Thermodynamic Solubility: The Missing Link to a Practical Supermaterial”

2008 Davidson Fellows – $25,000 Scholarship Recipients

Michael Cherkassky, 16
Minneapolis, MN
Technology: “Application of Machine Learning Methods to Medical Diagnosis”

Jasmine Miller, 17
Nashville, TN
Literature: “The Digital Identity of Contradiction”

August Siena Thomas, 17
Montague, MA
Literature: “Rewriting History”

William Yuan, 12
Portland, OR
Science: “High Efficient 3-Dimensional Nanotube Solar Cell for Visible and UV Light”

Hilda Huang, 12
Palo Alto, CA
Music: “I Love Bach”

Saraswathi Shukla, 17
Princeton, NJ
Outside the Box: “Mesmerizing Music: Sound, Imagination, and Communication in the Mesmeric Séance”

Vijay Venkatesh, 17
Laguna Niguel, CA
Music: “Magic through Music”

Charles Zhang, 17
Oakland Township, MI
Science: “Development of a Vibration Energy Harvesting Device Based on an Asymmetric Air-spaced Cantilever”

2008 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Nathan Georgette, 17
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Science: “Novel Herd Immunity Threshold Analysis Incorporating Population Dynamics and Gradual Immunization”

Molly Hensley-Clancy, 16
Minneapolis, MN
Literature: “Seized as Beauty”

Kyle Hutzler, 16
Huntingtown, MD
Outside the Box: “Kansas: American Education”

Michael Leap, 17
Okemos, MI
Philosophy: “The Ontology of Science: A Critical Perspective”

Sarah Waliany, 16
Arcadia, CA
Science: “Role of t-Darpp in P13K/AKt/Bcl-2 Pathway in Causing Resistance in Herceptin-Sensitive Breast Tumors”

Divya Nag, 17
El Dorado Hills, CA
Science: “Thermal Analysis and Thermogravimetry Techniques to Quantify and Prevent Forest Fires”

Avanthi Raghavan, 17
Orlando, FL
Science: “Characterization of Novel Protein Trafficking Pathways in Plasmodium falciparum”

2008 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Mr. Andrew David King
Hayward, California
Literature: Blurred Lines and Battlefields: Perspectives of War

Miss Ting Ting Zeng
McLean, Virginia
Literature: A Rotation of the Human Heart
Miss Swara Kopparty
Terre Haute, Indiana
Mathematics: Results on Frequency Sequences
Mr. Eric Larson
Eugene, Oregon
Mathematics: The DNA Inequality in Non-Convex Regions
Mr. Preben Antonen
Berkeley, California
Music: Camouflage; The Path; Nickelcurve
Mr. Gabriel Cabezas
Wilmette, Illinois
Music: Engineering the Bridge: The Unborn Audience
Miss Ania Filochowska
Saddle Brook, New Jersey
Music: Connecting the World Through Music
Miss Hannah Ji
Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Music: Creating Love, Hope, and Faith through Music
Miss Elena Kawazu
Schaumburg, Illinois
Music: If I Could Touch Your Heart
Mr. Parker Ramsay
Burns, Tennessee

Music: Music without Borders

Mr. David Dalrymple
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Outside the Box: Boolean Logic in Cellular Automata

Miss Alexis Peterson
Madison, Florida
Outside the Box: Identification of Economic Sustainability Strategies
Mr. Srikanth Damera
Pittsford, New York
Science: Controlled Release of an Insulin Oligonucleatide Conjugate Towards a More Effective Treatment for Diabetes
Mr. Andrew Meng
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Science: Multi-Analyte Molecular Imprinting Using One Monomer versus Traditional Systems
Mr. Akansh Murthy
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Science: Metabolic Profiling of Breast and Lung Cancers by NMR Spectroscopy and Multivarate Eigenvector Analysis
Miss Smitha Ramakrishna
Chandler, Arizona
Science: Analysis of the Chemical and Biological Degradation of Sucralose in Synthetic Wastewater
Mr. Zachary Stauber
Rancho Cordova, California
Science: Multi-Modal Imaging Probes for in vivo Detection of Lymphoid Cancers
Mr. Max Wallack
Natick, Massachusetts
Science: The Carpal Cushion
Mr. Arthur Weissmann
San Antonio, Texas
Science: The Sea Breeze Low-Level Jet: Real or Model’s Imagination


Video – 2008 Davidson Fellows Reception (YouTube)