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2010 Fellows

2010 Davidson Fellows

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2010 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Kyle Loh, 16
Mendham, NJ
Science: “Chemical Reprogramming of Murine and Human Cells Into Pluripotent Stem Cells”

Yeeren Low, 13
East Stroudsburg, PA
Music: “Art of Sound”

Jonathan Rajaseelan, 17
Millersville, PA
Science: “Novel Rhodium N-heterocyclic Carbene Complexes: Catalysts for Green Chemistry”

2010 Davidson Fellows – $25,000 Scholarship Recipients

Eric Brooks, 16
Hewlett, NY
Science: “Transition from Indolent to Metastatic Prostate Cancer Characterized through the Health Disparity between African American and Caucasian American Men”

Damien Jiang, 17
Raleigh, NC
Mathematics: “On the Period Lengths of the Parallel Chip-Firing Game”

Laurie Rumker, 17
Portland, OR
Science: “Biodegradtion of Organoclay Surfactants by Straight-Chain Hydrocarbon-Degrading Microbial Isolates and Potential Implications for Treatment of Contaminated Sediments”

Benjamin Song, 16
Audubon, PA
Science: “Epigenetic Biomarker Assay for Urine DNA Based Screening for Colon Cancer”

James Ting, 17
Holmdel, NJ
Science: “Imaging and Electronic Characterization of Bismuth Nanowires”

John Michael Colón, 17
Wayside, NJ
Literature: “Art as Empathy: A Study of the Syncretic Potential of Literature”

Meredith Lehmann, 14
La Jolla, CA
Science: “Transportation Networks and the Propagation of Novel H1N1 Swine Flu-Like Epidemics”

Anna Kornfeld Simpson, 17
San Diego. CA
Technology: “A Mobile Autonomous Chemical Detecting Robot”

Merry Sun, 16
Chappaqua, NY
Science: “Fighting Cancer with Sound: Activation of an Immune Response Against Tumor Cells Using Therapeutic Ultrasound”

2010 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Scott Boisvert, 17
Chandler, AZ
Science: “Growth of Amphibian Pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Response to the Chemical Properties of Aquatic Environments”

Janie Gu, 16
Morganville, NJ
Science: “Toward Improving the Precision of an Atomic Magnetometer”

Rebecca Jolitz, 15
Los Gatos, CA
Science: “Rock with a High Albedo Scattering Experiment: A Determination of Likelihood for Martian Hypolithic Bacteria”

Jonathan Li, 17
Laguna Niguel, CA
Mathematics: “Effects of Motility Contact Inhibition on Tumor Viability: A Discrete Simulation”

Alexander Gilbert, 16
McLean, VA
Technology: “A Quantitative T2 MRI Mapping at 1.5 Tesla”

Kevin Hu, 16
Naperville, IL
Music: “Sociomusicology: Exploring and Sharing the Worlds of Music”

Sahil Khetpal, 17
Plano, TX
Science: “Carbon Nanotubes as a Cancer Drug Delivery System”

Gavin Ovsak, 16
Hopkins, MN
Technology: “The Invention of a Highly Efficient and Cost Effective Alternative Computer Interface Using Embedded Circuitry”


2010 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Miss Meher Ali
Brookfield, Wisconsin
Literature: The Loves We Have Lost

Miss Riley Carney
Englewood, Colorado
Literature: Pen and Ink: The Influence of the Written Word
Miss Ilana Fogelson
Salt Lake City, Utah
Literature: Granules
Miss Kelsey Josund
Seattle, Washington
Literature: Marginally Universal
Miss Abigail Lin
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Literature: Crossing the Divide
Miss Lakshmi Varanasi
Brookfield, Wisconsin
Literature: Roots and Seeds
Mr. Vivek Banerjee
Studio City, California
Music: The Universal Rhythm of Tabla
Mr. Yeeray Low
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Music: Music, A Powerful Medium that Transcends Barriers
Mr. Clark Pang
Orinda, California
Music: Music Prisontations
Miss Rieko Tsuchida
Mill Valley, California
Music: Using Music as a Force for Change
Miss Li-Ning Yang
Beaverton, Oregon
Outside the Box: Improving ParaMor: A Better Approach to Unsupervised Morphological Analysis
Mr. Nevin Daniel
Port Jefferson, New York
Science: Fighting Cancer at its Roots: Anticancer Drug Administration and Quantum Dot Imaging Using Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Vehicles
Miss Barbara Goodwin
Dayton, Ohio
Science: The Effects of Rocket Surface Finish on Altitude Performance

Miss Jacqueline Han
Beachwood, Ohio
Science: Development of a Micro Eletrochemical Biosensor for the Detection of Pyruvate for Diagnosis of Lactic Acidosis

Miss Shelley Jin
Gaithersburg, Maryland
Science: Quantitative Localization of Fluorescent Targets Deeply Embedded in Three Dimensional Turbid Media
Miss Allison Koenecke
Falls Church, Virginia
Science: The Distribution of Facets and Ridges of Crumpled Sheets as an Analogy to Thermodynamics
Mr. Daniel Liss
Silver Spring, Maryland
Science: Food Preservation with Transformed Atmosphere Packaging (TAP)
Mr. Rishi Neeranjun
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Science: Designing and Testing of a Spatial Simulation Engine for Elephant Movement Using Mathematical Model for Adaptive Management of the Savanna Ecosystem within Kruger National Park, South Africa
Mr. Neil Pathak
Roslyn, New York
Science: A Novel Contrast Enhanced Brain Mimicking Hydrogel for Testing Implantable Brain Electrodes
Miss Divya Seth
Rochester, New York
Science: Selectively Targeting Glioblastoma Multiforme
Mr. Sujay Tyle
Pittsford, New York
Science: Single Strand DNA Binding Conformation and Analysis Using Optical and Magnetic Tweezers
Mr. Andrew Ylitalo
Stillwater, Minnesota
Science: Windows of the Future: Saving Energy Year-Round
Mr. Franklin Zhao
Portland, Oregon
Science: Using Quantum Algorithm of Grover to Automatically Design Arbitrary Error Correcting Codes
Miss Elaine Zhou
Winter Park, Florida
Science: Catalytic Decomposition of Alcohols Utlizing Platinum Nanoparticles
Miss Arushi Raghuvanshi
Beaverton, Oregon
Technology: Modeling Fuzzy Logic with Quantum Circuits for Humanoid Robots


Video – 2010 Davidson Fellows Reception (YouTube)