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2012 Fellows

2012 Davidson Fellows

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2012 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

David Ding, 18
Albany, CA
Mathematics: “Infinitesimal Cherednik Algebras of gl_n.”

Manoj Kanagaraj, 18
Chino Hills, CA
Science: “A Novel Mechanism for HER2 Targeted Drug Resistance: The Role of t-DARPP in a Compensatory Signaling Shift Between the EGFR and HER2 Pathways”

Sara Volz, 17
Colorado Springs, CO
Science: “Enhancing Algae Biofuels: Investigation of the Environmental and Enzymatic Factors Effecting Algal Lipid Synthesis”

Michael Yan, 18
Pepper Pike, OH
Science: “Genetic Mutation of LRRK2 Causes Autosomal Parkinson’s Disease by Disrupting Mitochondrial Dynamics”

2012 Davidson Fellows – $25,000 Scholarship Recipients

Nathan Chan, 18
Burlingame, CA
Music: “The Importance of Passion”

Philip Cody He, 17
Okemos, MI
Science: “A Novel Role of an Actin Capping Protein in Plant Immune Signaling”

Ryota Ishizuka, 18
Cos Cob, CT
Science: “Optimization of a Microbial Fuel Cell to Drive a Bioelectrochemically Assisted Wastewater Treatment”

Naomi Shah, 17
Portland, OR
Science: “An Experimental Study of the Impact of Airborne Pollutants on the Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) Rate of Asthmatic Subjects PLUS A Novel Risk Assessment Model to Predict the Adverse Effect of PM10 and TVOCs on the PEF Rate of Asthmatic Patients”

Ashley George, 18
Port Jefferson Station, NY
Science: “Creating a Framework for a Flexible, Biodegradable, and Biocompatible Gelatin-Chitosan Biosensor”

Duligur Ibeling, 18
Osseo, MN
Science: “The Metallicity-Dependent Transition between White Dwarfs and Type II Supernovae”

Nina Lu, 18
Rockville, MD
Science: “Determination of Binding Energy Hotspots on a Broadly-Neutralizing Antibody against HIV-1”

Lijia Xie, 17
Lansdale, PA
Science: “Location Matters—Specificity of the Methylated RASSF1A Gene as a Biomarker for the Detection of Hepatocellular Carcinomas”

2012 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Saumil Bandyopadhyay, 17
Glen Allen, VA
Science: “A Novel Frequency-Selective Detector of Light and ß Radiation Implemented with Self-Assembled Quantum Wires: An Application of Quantum-Mechanical Wavefunction and Density-of-States Engineering”

Sitan Chen, 17
Suwanee, GA
Mathematics: “On the Rank Number of Grid Graphs”

Xiaoyu He, 18
Acton, MA
Mathematics: “On the Classification of Universal Rotor-Routers”

Kamden Hilliard, 18
Mililani, HI
Literature: “Reflections on Everything There Ever Was”

Vaishnavi Rao, 17
San Diego, CA
Science: “Activity-dependent Regulation of Nitric Oxide Expression: Novel Form of Neurotransmitter Plasticity”

Alexander Chen, 16
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Science: “A Maximum Power Point Tracking Hardware with an Improved Hill Climbing Algorithm”

Ioana Grosu, 17
Troy, MI
Philosophy: “Consciousness and the Hard Problem: Discovering the Mind”

Bryan He, 18
Buffalo, NY
Technology: “A Simple Optimal Binary Representation of Mosaic Floorplans and Baxter Permutations”

Ian McKeachie, 16
Reno, NV
Literature: “Attitudes of Existence”

Anand Srinivasan, 16
Roswell, GA
Technology: “”Doc Ock” – Development of Novel Filtration Techniques to Facilitate Accurate Pattern Detection in EEG Signals”


2012 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Miss Angelica Modabber
New York, NY
Literature: A Gathering of Moments

Mr. Mitchell Lee
Oakton, VA
Mathematics: A Counterexample to a Correlation Inequality

Miss Kimberly Hou
Arlington, VA
Music: Realizing the World’s Love for Classical Music

Miss Ariel Kent
San Francisco, CA
Music: Raising Awareness of Dyslexia Through Music
Miss JiEun Lee 
New York, NY
Music: La Vie en Musique: Living My Life for Music
Miss Min Joo Yi
Bellevue, WA
Music: Healing Lives through Music
Miss Rebecca Alford
Commack, NY

Science: The Membrane Mutational Effect Classifier (MMEC): A Novel Structure Based Approach to Predicting the Functional Effects of Mutations in Membrane Proteins

Mr. Felix Angelov
Skokie, IL
Science: Investigating the Effects of Butyryl-L-Homocysteine Thiolactone and Homoserine Lactone Octadecanoyl-L on Quorum Sensing in Vibrio Harveyi as Expressed Through the Presence/Absence of Luminescence
Mr. Ben Bartlett
Lexington, SC
Science: Unidirectionalization of Particulate Distributions in Isotropic D+D He3+n Reactions Utilizing Differential Ion Velocities
Miss Sarah Chapin
New Hyde Park, NY

Science: Computer Aided Drug Discovery: Structure-Based Design and Evaluation of Small Molecule Botulinum Neurotoxin Inhibitors

Miss Maria Grimmett
Jupiter, FL
Sulfamethazine Removal from Aqueous Solution using Purolite Hypercrosslinked Adsorbents
Mr. Jack Huang
Allentown, PA
Science: From Dusk to Dawn: Contact Lenses in the Night Tear Proteome
Mr. Yinan Kang
Collegeville, PA
Science: New Mathematical and Computerized Methods for the Structural Elucidation of Bioactive Steroids
Mr. Nathan Kondamuri
Dyer, IN
Science: A Novel Biofuel Cell Incorporating Photosynthesis to Efficiently Create Sustainable Electrical Energy
Mr. Rahul Mukherjee
Rochester, MN
Science: Restoration Of The Great Lakes: A Genetic Study On Zebra And Quagga Mussels To Unfold The Mystery Of Calcium Based (Ca2+) Invasion And Its Survival
Miss Katherine Picchione
Albany, NY
Science: Production of Biogas Energy: Design of a Safe Anaerobic Digestion and Gas Compression System to Create Energy from Organic Waste and Food Waste Via Methanogenic Processes
Miss Sofia Rafikova
Evans, GA
Science: Measuring Amount of Detergent in Bodies of Water Near Big and Small Cities
Miss Sulekha Ramayya
Palos Verdes, CA
Science: Increasing the Efficiency of Energy Extraction from Landfill Gas
Mr. Arjun Balasingam 
San Jose, CA

Technology: Minimizing the Variability-Induced Power Overhead in Nanoscale SRAMs: Redundancy and Resiliency for Extremely Energy-Constrained Computing

Mr. Andrew Feldman 
Freehold, NJ
Technology: Acoustic Imaging Using Optimized Beamforming Techniques

Video – 2012 Davidson Fellows Reception (YouTube)