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2014 Fellows

2014 Davidson Fellows

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2014 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Ravi Jagadeesan, 18
Naperville, IL
Mathematics: “A New Galois Invariant of Dessins d’Enfants”

Sara Kornfeld Simpson, 17
San Diego, CA
Science: “Neuronal Nonlinear Dynamics: From an Optical Illusion to Parkinson’s Disease”

Ray Ushikubo, 13
Riverside, CA
Music: “Circle of Life in Music”

Alice Zhai, 16
LaCanada, CA
Science: “Dependency of U.S. Hurricane Loss on Maximum Wind Speed and Storm Size”

2014 Davidson Fellows – $25,000 Scholarship Recipients

Eric Chen, 18
San Diego, CA
Science: “Computer-Aided Discovery of Novel Anti-Flu Drug Candidates to Fight Pandemics”

Valerie Ding, 17
Portland, OR
Engineering: “Novel Next-Generation Multijunction Quantum Dot Solar Panel Designs Using Monte Carlo-Based Modeling”

Ritesh Ragavender, 17
Kendall Park, NJ
Mathematics: “Odd Dunkl Operators and nilHecke Algebras”

Elana Simon, 18
New York, NY
Science: “New Diagnostics and Therapeutics for a Pediatric Liver Cancer: Transcriptome and Whole Genome Sequencing Reveals Oncogenes and Novel Chimeric Protein Kinase in Ten out of Ten Patients”

Neil Davey, 18
Gaithersburg, MD
Science: “Early Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment through the Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells using Drop-based Microfluidics”

Alexandra LaGrassa, 17
Douglastown, NY
Science: “Using Ligands to Control the Growth of Cadmium Selenide Clusters”

Kenneth Shinozuka, 15
New York, NY
Technology: “Wearable Sensors: A Novel Healthcare Solution for the Aging Society”

Emily Wang, 18
Palo Alto, CA
Science: “Illuminating Disease Pathways: Developing Bright Fluorescent Proteins to Improve FRET Biosensing”

2014 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Sofia Bramante, 17
Fairfield, CT
Engineering: “Fabrication of a Flexible, Tunable Color Changing Skin using Magnetically Responsive Fe3O4 Photonic Crystal Structures”

Smriti Kanangat, 17
Hinsdale, IL
Science: “Detection of Soluble Human Histocompatibility Antigens (HLA) in Circulation-Potential Biomarkers for Early Detection of Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC)”

Kevin Lee, 17
Irvine, CA
Mathematics: “Strongly Coupled Electromechanical Modeling of the Heart in Moving Domains Using the Phase-Field Method”

Josh Wolf, 18
Elk River, MN
Science: “Shocking Lipid Production: Oil Extraction by Novel Electrical Stimulation of Botryococcus braunii”

Isabel DeBre, 17
Los Angeles, CA
Outside the Box: “The Problem of Representation: Refugee Trauma in Postcolonial African Fiction”

Tuong-Phi Le, 18
Houston, TX
Literature: “Shadow and Song: Revitalizing the Expatriate Vietnamese Identity Through Mythological Media”

Michael Parsons, 18
Long Hill, NJ
Music: “Composition as Architecture”

Romi Yount, 16
San Francisco, CA
Music: “Music without Borders: Transcending Cultural and Temporal Boundaries Through Guzheng Performance”

2014 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Miss Shiloh Curtis
Sunnyvale, CA
Engineering: Enabling Situational Awareness:  A Hat-Based Hands-Free Haptic Navigational Aid for the Visually Impaired

Miss Maya Varma
Cupertino, CA
Engineering: Arduino-Based Foot Neuropathy Analyzer

Miss Jennifer Frantz
Hudson, OH
Literature: Anachronism

Miss Dominque Nikolaidis
West Bloomfield, MI
Literature: Human Identity in a Postmodern World

Mr. Jeffrey Cai
Basking Ridge, NJ
Mathematics: Orbits Of A Fixed-Point Subgroup Of The Symplectic Group On Partial Flag Varieties Of Type A

Miss Sahana Vasudevan
Palo Alto, CA
Mathematics: Minimizing the Number of Carries in the Set of Coset Representatives of a Normal Subgroup

Mr. Elijah Armstrong
Fairfax, CA
Outside the Box: The Rule-Dependence Model of the Flynn Effect

Miss Gabrielle Donnelly
St. James, NY
Science: Vulnerability of Desmodus rotundus (vampire bats) Populations to Individual Removals: Demography Consequences of Sampling Bat Populations

Mr. Andrew Jin
San Jose, CA
Science: Breast Cancer Prognosis Through Gene Expression Profiling and Tumor Morphology

Mr. Ji-Sung Kim
Hackensack, NJ
Science: Multidisciplinary Investigation Of Novel Estrogenic Regulation Of Breast Cancer Cell Metabolism Via Acetylation Of HIF-1a & Relevant Therapeutic/Prognostic Applications”
Mr. Joshua Meier
Teaneck, NJ
Science: Control of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Aging by Modulation of Mitochondrial DNA Deletions
Mr. Isfar Munir
Tracy, CA
Science: The Relationship Between Air Properties And The Path Behavior Of Electric Arcs
Mr. Richik Neogi
Portland, OR
Science: PNA for Use in Small-Molecule Libraries Derived by Combinatorial Solid-Phase Synthesis: Reaction Optimization
Mr. Ganesh Ravichandran
Westbury, NY
Science: Close Companions to Kepler Objects of Interest: Results from a Large Adaptive Optics Survey

Mr. Suproteem Sarkar
Wayne, PA
Science: Feedback-Mediated Cancer Therapy: A Nanoreporter Approach

Mr. Ryan Chung
Terre Haute, IN
Technology: MobileSoundDiscoveryApp: Mobile Audio Medical Devices and Quantitative-Qualitative Audio  Analysis Applications and Designs Using an Autonomous Audio Knowledge Engine

Mr. Owen Kelly
Port Orange, FL
Technology: Procedural Generation of Earth-Like Planets

Mr. Ivan Paskov
Scarsdale, NY
Technology: Predicting Cancer Drug Response Using Nuclear Norm Multi-Task Learning

Miss Gili Rusack
Loundonville, NY
Technology: Come Code with Codester: An Educational App that Teaches Computer Science

Mr. Ewin Tang
Arlington, TX
Technology: Optical Imaging Probe For Real-Time Detection Of Infection

Video – 2014 Davidson Fellows Reception (YouTube)