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2015 Fellows

2015 Davidson Fellows

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2015 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Noah Golowich, 17
Lexington, MA
Mathematics: “Resolving a Conjecture on Degree of Regularity, With Some Novel Structural Results”

Swetha Shutthanandan, 17
Richland, WA
Science: “Next Generation Supercapacitors for Ultra-Fast Energy Storage and Harvesting”

Dhaivat Pandya, 17
Appleton, WI
Technology: “Algorithms for Minimum Cost Linear Network Coding Design for Networks with General Connections”

2015 Davidson Fellows – $25,000 Scholarship Recipients

Michael Jon Bennett, 16
New York, NY
Music: “Connective Color: Innovating as Composer, Organist Pianist”

Saumya Keremane, 18
Riverside, CA
Science: “A Rapid Field Detection of Liberibacter Bacteria Associated with Potato Zebra Chip Disease Using Lateral Flow Technology”

Oriana Tang, 18
Livingston, NJ
Literature: “Writing Tears from the Stars: A Linguistic Revitalization of Human Empathy ”

Sreya Vemuri, 16
Carmel, IN
Science: “Effect of Time-Dependent Gain and Los in a PT-Symmetric Lattice”

Phillip Yu, 18
Plano, TX
Science: “Using HDAC Inhibitor CI-944 to Enhance Progranulin Expression for Dementia Therapy”

Joy Jin, 17
Palo Alto, CA
Science: “Identification and Characterization of a Cancer Stem Cell Subpopulation in Lung Cancer”

Deepika Kurup, 17
Nashua, NH
Engineering: “Novel Photocatalytic Composites for Degrading Organics and Inactivating Bacteria in Water ”

Peter Tian, 18
Hilliard, OH
Mathematics: “Extremal Functions of Forbidden Multidimensional Matrices”

Moshe Willner, 18
Los Angeles, CA
Engineering: “Reconfigurable Orbital-Angular-Momentum and Polarization Manipulation of 100-Gbit/s QPSK Data Channels”

2015 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Joe Broom, 18
McLean, VA
Music: “Music as Voice: Presenting the Mosaic of Life”

Jazz Munitz, 17
Cortlandt Manor, NY
Science: “Microfluidics-Facilitated Synthesis and Characterization of Apoptosis-Induscing Low-Cost Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapeutics”

Vineet Kosaraju, 16
Saratoga, CA
Science: “3D RNA Engineering in a Massive Open Laboratory”

Jenny Wang, 17
Cary, NC
Technology: “Fully Automated Computational Brain Image Segmentation for Cross-Modality Analysis of Neurodegenerative Diseases ”

Augustine Chemparathy, 18
San Ramon, CA
Science: “Engineering the Electron Sink Behavior of Triacylglycerol to increase Algal Biodiesel Yield”

Samantha Koire, 18
Sacramento, CA
Science: “New Mechanism for Protonic Communication: pH Signaling Via 2D Sound Waves”

Grace Hong, 17
Reno, NV
Literature: “The Spaces: Exploring Multi-Ethnic Identities of the Past, Present, and Future”

Emma Resmini, 15
Fairfax Station, VA
Music: “The Exquisite Breath and Breadth of the Flute”


2015 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Mr. Samuel Anderson
Hernando, MS
Engineering: “The Effects of Build Direction and Raster Orientation on the Tensile Properties of Fused Deposition Modeled ABS Plastic Specimens”

Mr. Brandon Cui
Sandy, UT
Engineering: “Demonstration and Characterization of Split Ring Resonators as Terahertz Waveguides”

Miss Sahar Khashayar
Laguna Niguel, CA
Engineering: Wildfire Early Warning System Using Computer Science

Mr. Jack Li
Los Angeles, CA
Literature: Poetic Voices: War, Trauma, and the Power of Poetry

Mr. Shashwat Kishore
West Chester, PA
Mathematics: Multiplicity Space Signatures and Applications in Tensor Products of sl2 Representations

Mr. Charlie Liu
Princeton, NJ
Music: Music, by the People and for the People

Mr. Lucas Stratmann
New York, NY
Music: Creating a Higher Purpose Though Music

Miss Annabel Barry
Southport, CT
Outside the Box: A Terrible Beauty is Born: Litero-Historical Archival Analysis of Twentieth Century Irish Poetics and Implications for the Resolution of Nationalist Paradoxes

Miss Monica Beeferman
Great Neck, NY
Science: Intracellular Crosstalk in Protein Aggregation of E. coli Cells: An Examination of the Proteostasis Network

Miss Beatrice Brown
Merrick, NY
Science: Forecasting Hurricane Hazards for the Long Island Area

Mr. Felix Chin
East Amherst, NY
Science: Detection of Protein-Lipid Interactions in Native-Like Environments
Mr. Andrew Jin
San Jose, CA
Science: Shedding Light on Human Evolution: Machine Learning Algorithms for Systematic Genome-wide Discovery of Adaptive Mutations
Mr. Rishabh Kumar
Carmel, IN
Science: Mathematical Analysis of Ion Channels
Miss Ruchi Pandya
Saratoga, CA
Science: The Development of a Carbon Nanofiber Electrode Based Biosensor for Cardiac Health Diagnostics
Mr. Reesab Pathak
Camas, WA
Science: Cytomegalovirus Vaccine Vectors Induce Universal, MHC-E Restricted CD8+ T Cells Against AIDS Virus
Mr. Karthik Raju
Elk Grove, CA
Science: Discovery of a Novel Polypeptide Ligand Targeting a6ß4-Expressing Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Cells
Mr. Daniel Seong
Lexington, MA
Science: Novel Systematic Prioritization Method and Sensitive Monitoring of Critical Phosphorylation Sites in Huntington’s Disease
Mr. Ashwin Varma
Houston, TX
Science: Illuminating Genomic Dark Matter: Using SNP-Flagged Noncoding RNA (SFNR) Profiling to Personalize Cancer Phenotyping and Theranostics
Mr. Julian von Abele
Wayne, PA
Science: Generalization of Path Integration to a Complex Time-Discretization Index
Mr. Tanay Tandon
Cupertino, CA
Technology: Topographical Computer Vision Algorithms for Rapid, Low-Cost Hematological Diagnostics and Parasite Detection Through Random Forests Classification and van Leeuwenhoek-type Imaging

Video – 2015 Davidson Fellows Reception (YouTube)