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2016 Fellows

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2016 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Meena Jagadeesanich, 18
Naperville, IL
Mathematics: “The Exchange Graphs of Weakly Separated Collections”

Christopher Lindsay, 17
Honolulu, HI
Science: “Kahakai to Hohonukai*: Environmental Studies of Marine Biota Using Underwater Time-Lapse Photography and Multiple Camera Arrays at Various Depths.”

Sriharshita Munsunuri, 16
Mill Creek, WA
Science: “Application of Tetrahedrite and Magnesium Silicide in a Novel Thermoelectric Unicouple to Generate Electricity from Industrial Waste Heat”

Nicolas Poux, 17
Palo Alto, CA
Science: “Development of a High-Resolution Multi-color Fluorescent Reporter for Clonal Analysis”

2016 Davidson Fellows – $25,000 Scholarship Recipients

Michael Du, 17
Houston, TX
Science: “Nifurtimox Limits Cell Proliferation in Glioblastoma Multiforme in vitro”

Anurudh Ganesan, 16
Clarksburg, MD
Engineering: “VAXXWAGON: An Innovative Eco-Friendly ‘No Ice, No Electric’ Active Refrigeration System for Last-Leg Vaccine Transportation”

Raghav Ganesh, 14
San Jose, CA
Technology: “Serene: An Assistive Biomedical System for Autism Spectrum Disorder”

Ellis Hamilton, 17
Fort Sam Houston, TX
Music: “The Music in Me”

Katherine Hudek, 17
Grafton, MA
Science: “Quacee: A New Quantum Programming Language for Specifying Quantum Computations”

Wyatt Pontius, 18
Sterling, VA
Science: “Reinventing the leaf: A novel biohybrid photosynthetic system”

Maya Varma, 18
Cupertino, CA
Engineering: “A Wireless Smartphone-Based System for Diagnosis of Pulmonary Illnesses”

Jaelynn Walls, 17
Pearland, TX
Literature: “Humanity On-Screen: Engendering Positive Self-Perception and Political Activism in Persons With Marginalized Identities”

2016 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Christopher Huh, 17
Germantown, MD
Literature: “History’s Lessons”

Justine Izah, 18
Crown Point, IN
Outside the Box: “An Examination of Black Liberation, Stereotypes, Healthcare and Education Through the Eyes of a Black Woman”

Noah Lee, 16
Oakland, NJ
Music: “Changing the world begins with a single person feeling valued.”

Surabhi Mundada, 17
Olympia, WA
Technology: “MyGlove: Assisting Hand Movements, Grip, and Tremor”

Isabel Séguin, 18
Boston, MA
Outside the Box: “The Cycle of Uighur Discontent”

Kavita Selva, 16
Houston, TX
Science: “From Nano Defects to Mega Power: Heavily-Zirconium-Doped Trapped Field (Gd,Y)BaCuO Superconductor Tapes for High Power Wind Turbine Generators”

Clifford Soloway, 18
Cortland Manor, NY
Science: “Reprogramming of Metabolism in Cancer Cells Through Lysine Succinylation”

Josephine Yu, 17
Potomac, MD
Science: “Lattice and Continuum Models of Solitons and Vortices in Bilayer Graphene”


2016 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Miss Brooke Martin
Spokane, WA
Engineering: iCPooch – Video Chat With Your Dog And Deliver Them A Treat From Anywhere In The World

Miss Annie Ostojic
Munster, Indiana
Engineering: A Novel Rectellipse Microwave Cavity Design Using Cylindrical Parabolic Reflectors to Optimize Energy Efficiency

Mr. Asher Willner
Los Angeles, CA
Engineering: Experimental Demonstration of 20 Gbit/s Efficient Data Encoding and 2 ns Network Channel Hopping using Orbital-Angular-Momentum Spatial Mode Patterns

Mr. Aidan Forster
Taylors, CA
Literature: Boyscape: On Queerness and the Uses of the Body

Miss Audrey Spensley
Avon Lake, OH
Literature: How to Light a Match: Contextualizing Societal Power Dynamics through Narrative

Mr. Spencer Sheen
Irvine, CA
Mathematics: A Study of Coordinate Descent Algorithms for Matrix Factorization and Applications

Miss Rachel Zhang
Ballwin, MO
Mathematics: The Statistics of Intersections of Curves on Surfaces

Mr. Charlie Liu
Princeton, NJ
Music: Rescue Music: Coloring the World with Black and White

Miss Olivia Marckx
Bellevue, WA
Music: Striving for Ordinary, Embracing Uniqueness: A Musical Journey

Mr. Parker Ruth
Bellevue, WA
Outside the Box: Paper Cup Construction

Miss Muskaan Aggarwal
Folsom, CA
Science: Activation of TMEM16A Calcium Activated Chloride Channel by Divalent Cations

Miss Kavya Anjur
Aurora, IL
Science: Secondary Structure Changes caused by ADAR in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Leukemia, and Schizophrenia

Mr. Nikhil Gopal
Belle Mead, NJ
Science: Plasmodium Aldolase Detection Using a Smart Phone and a Microfluidic Chip: Electricity-Free ELISA for Malaria Monitoring

Miss Olivia Hallisey
Greenwich, CT
Science: Temperature-Independent, Portable, and Rapid Field Detection of Ebola via a Silk-Derived Lateral-Flow System

Miss Swathi Srinivasan
Beachwood, OH
Science: Evaluating The Epigenetic Relationships Between Chemicals in Spices and Alzheimer’s Disease Through Bioinformatics and Chemical Approaches

Mr. Vamsi Varanasik
Apex, NC
Science: Longitudinal Alignment and Optical Characterization of Gold Nanostars in Electrospun Fibers

Miss Katherine Yang
Chapel Hill, NC
Science: Developing Cellularly Active Inhibitors of CARM1 for New Anti-cancer Treatment

Mr. Michael You
Alexandria, VA
Science: Two-degree-of-freedom Bubble Oscillations in Elastic Vessels and its Application in Sonar-induced Marine Mammal Injuries

Mr. Michael Earle
Ossining, NY
Technology: Two Dimensional Mapping of Energy Transfer in Graphene/MoS2 Photodetectors

Mr. Eli Mathieu
Colchester, CT
Technology: Listen4Me

Video – 2016 Davidson Fellows Reception (YouTube)