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2018 Fellows

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2018 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Amy Jin, 18
San Jose, CA
Technology: “Deep Learning-Based Automated Tool Detection and Operative Skill Assessment in Surgical Videos”

Kavya Kopparapu, 18
Herndon, VA
Science: “GlioVision: A Platform for the Automatic Assessment of Glioblastoma Tumor Features, Molecular Identity, and Gene Methylation from Histopathological Images using Deep Learning”

Rahul Subramaniam, 17
Cos Cob, CT
Science: “An Early Warning System for Zika Virus in Mosquito Populations Based on Real-Time Field Detection of Viral RNA in Mosquito Saliva”


2018 Davidson Fellows – $25,000 Scholarship Recipients

Maggie Chen, 18
San Jose, CA
Science: “Cell Membrane-Coated Nanodevice for Anti-Virulence Therapy Against Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria”

Cosimo Fabrizio, 18
South Orange, NJ
Music: “21st Century Jazz Music – The Search for Authenticity”

Sachin Konan, 17
Chandler, AZ
Engineering: “A Low-Cost, Clutter-Cancelling Life Detection System for First Response after Natural Disasters”

Deena Shefter, 17
Ridgewood, NJ
Science: “Modeling the Effects of Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide on Pre-Osteoblast Differentiation”

Erin Smith, 18
Lenexa, KS
Technology: “FacePrint: A Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool for Parkinson’s Disease Using Dynamic Video Footage Tracking and Digital Action Unit Biomarkers Generated by Spontaneous and Posed Facial Expressions ”

Marissa Sumathipala, 18
Ashburn, VA
Science: “Reinventing Cardiovascular Disease Therapy: A Novel Dual Therapeutic with FOXO Transcription Factor and AMP Kinase”

Eeshan Tripathii, 16
Montclair, NJ
Science: “Utilizing Recurrent Neural Networks Long Short-Term Memory Algorithms To Create A Smart Responsive Ductless Indoor Air Quality Improvement Network System”

Franklyn Wang, 17
Falls Church, VA
Mathematics: “Monodromy Groups of Indecomposable Rational Functions”

David Wu, 18
Potomac, MD
Mathematics: “Nonuniform Distributions of Patterns of Sequences of Primes in Prime Moduli”


2018 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Garyk Brixi, 17
Potomac, MD
Science: “Innovative Optimization of Ready to Use Food for Acute Malnutrition Treatment”

Shelly Goel, 18
Irving, TX
Engineering: “An Electronic Device with an Integrated App for Early Detection of Cardiovascular Diseases”

Oliver Leitner, 18
Reno, NV
Engineering: “Localizing Heat with Carbon Foam for Efficient Solar Distillation”

Marvin Li, 15
Salisbury, MD
Science: “A Support Vector Machine Algorithm for Satellite Remote Sensing of Optically Complex Coastal Waters”

Anne Liu, 16
San Diego, CA
Music: “Music and the Inner Self”

Nicole Moiseyev, 18
Closter, NJ
Science: “The Effects of the Orphan Drug Act on Rare Disease Research and Drug Development: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design”

Rajiv Movva, 18
San Jose, CA
Science: “SNPpet: Deep Learning the Human Epigenome Reveals Regulatory Sequence Patterns and Genomic Mechanisms of Disease”

Grant Sheen, 17
Irvine, CA
Mathematics: “An Alternating Minimization Method to Train Neural Network Models for Brainwave Classification”


2018 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Miss Mythri Ambatipudi
San Jose, CA
Engineering: Combating Neurovirulence of Zika and Flavivirus Epidemics using In Silico Phylogenetic Analysis and RNAi Gene Silencing

Miss Alexandra Brocato
Armonk, NY
Engineering: Illuminating non-neuromuscular phenotypes and their temporal trajectory in Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) using electronic health records

Mr. Mateo Massey
Jackson Heights, NY
Engineering: Autonomous Navigation to Dynamic Oceanographic Features: Localizing the Oceanic Mixed Layer with an In Situ Method and a Three Term Control System

Mr. Joseph Felkers 
Caledonia, MI
Literature: BOXELDER: A study on family, heritage, sexuality, and toothlessness; set in the Midwest.

Miss Eileen Huang 
Holmdel, NJ
Literature: American Girlhood: Giving Voice to the Experiences of Marginalized Americans

Mr. Brian Huang
Fresh Meadows, NY
Mathematics: On Sufficient Conditions for Trapped Surfaces in Spherically Symmetric Spacetimes

Mr. Michael Ma 
Plano, TX
Mathematics: New Results on Pattern-Replacement Equivalences: Generalizing a Classical Theorem and Revising a Modern Conjecture

Mr. Daniel Cho 
Wyncote, PA
Music: For the Audience: Building Emotional Narratives in Relatable, Human Music

Miss Lan Jiang
Irvine, CA
Science: Defining New Diagnostic Paradigm in Primary Central Nervous System Hypersomnias through Statistical Machine Learning

Mr. Rohan Mehrotra
Saratoga, CA
Science: On-demand electrically controlled drug release from resorbable nanocomposite films

Mr. Vishnu Akash Polkampally
Ossining, NY
Science: Evaluating a mechanism for N2O3 production from hemoglobin, utilizing glassy matrices to trap the reaction between NO and nitrite derivative of methemoglobin

Mr. Nalin Ranjan
Virginia Beach, VA
Science: A High-Efficiency Approach to Simulation of Inverse Compton Scattering and its Implications on the Scattered Linewidth

Mr. Shuvom Sadhuka
Cambridge, MA
Science: Searching for Topological Bubbles for Phononic Honeycomb Lattice

Miss Zoe Weiss 
Atlanta, GA
Science: New Cell Type Detection via a Universal Single-Cell Gene Expression Algorithm

Mr. Ayush Agarwal 
San Ramon, CA
Technology: A Novel Paradigm in Computational Precision Medicine: Transitioning to Synthetic Training Data after Unsupervised Adversarial Image Refinement

Miss Anika Cheerla 
Cupertino, CA
Technology: Deep, Multimodal Representation Learning for Pan-Cancer Prognosis Prediction

Mr. Louis Golowich
Lexington, MA
Technology: New Efficient Deterministic Parallel Random Number Generators with Improved Theoretical Properties

Mr. Syamantak Payra 
Friendswood, TX
Technology: A Smart Bionic Leg Orthosis: The Design, Development and Evaluation of an Orthotic Device for Comprehensive Restoration of Gait Characteristics across Everyday Mobility Scenarios

Miss Eshika Saxena
Bellevue, WA
Technology: A Mobile Phone Microscopy System for Automated Screening of Hematological Diseases Using Computer Vision Techniques and Convolutional Neural Networks

Mr. Utkarsh Tandon 
Cupertino, CA
Technology: Diffusion Tensor Imaging Enabled Tractographical Modeling of Early-Onset Schizophrenia through a Machine Learning Predictor of Novel Cingulate-Orbitofrontal Fiber Abnormalities