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2019 Fellows

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2019 Davidson Fellows Laureates – $50,000 Scholarship Recipients

Cynthia Chen, 17
Cupertino, CA
Science: “Decoding Neural Networks: Novel Computational Methods to Discover Anti-Tumor B Cell Receptor Binding Motifs”

Varun Kumar, 18
Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Science: “Dihydrotanshinone: A Pan-Therapeutic Treatment for Chemoresistance in Cancer”

Natasha Maniar, 17
Sunnyvale, CA
Technology: “MapAF: Deep Learning to Improve Therapy of Complex Human Heart Rhythm Abnormalities”

Charlotte Marckx, 17
Bellevue, WA
Music: “The Pursuit of Mastery”


2019 Davidson Fellows – $25,000 Scholarship Recipients

Aayush Karan, 17
Muskego, WI
Mathematics: “Generating Set for Nonzero Determinant Links Under Skein Relation”

Neeyanth Kopparapu, 17
Herdon, VA
Technology: “MRI Image Synthesis for the Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease using Deep Learning”

Roey Leonardi, 17
Charleston, SC
Literature: “Flesh of My Flesh, Bone of My Bones”

Siona Prasad, 18
Vienna, VA
Science: “Characterizing Uncertainty in Urban Inversions of Carbon Sources / Sinks using Low Cost Sensor Measurements”

Isha Puri, 18
Chappaqua, NY
Technology: “A Scalable and Freely Accessible Machine Learning Based Application for the Early Detection of Dyslexia”

Rachel Seevers, 18
Lexington, KY
Engineering: “The Virtual Winglet: A Novel Approach to Boundary Layer Manipulation and Wingtip Vortex Suppression”

William Wang, 17
Tulsa, OK
Science: “Red photoluminescent europium-doped yttrium oxide nanostructures as LED photon down-converters”

Madeline Yang, 17
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Engineering: “Enabling M2-incorporated Influenza Virus-like Particles (VLPs) as a Potential Universal Influenza Vaccine”


2019 Davidson Fellows – $10,000 Scholarship Recipients

Aryia Dattamajumdar, 17
Sunnyvale, CA
Engineering: “An early warning AI-powered portable system to reduce workload and inspect environmental damage after natural disasters”

Evan Hu, 17
Potomac, MD
Music: “ Inspiring Hope, Note by Note”

Hiba Hussain, 16
Old Greenwich, CT
Science: “Non-Invasive, Low-Cost Diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease via Smartphone Breath Analysis”

Vishnu Akash Polkampally, 17
Ossining, NY
Science: “Utilizing Sugar derived Glassy Matrices to Test a Controversial Mechanism for N2O3 Production within the Red Blood Cell”

Anna Quinlan, 18
Atherton, CA
Engineering: “A Low Cost, Closed Loop Insulin Pump for the Better Management of Types 1 and 2 Diabetes Mellitus”

Ari Willner, 17
Los Angeles, CA
Engineering: “Scalable and Reconfigurable Optical Tap-Delay-Line for Multichannel Equalization and Correlation of 20-Gbaud QPSK Signals Using Nonlinear Wave Mixing and a Microresonator Kerr Frequency Comb”

Brian Wu, 17
Scarsdale, NY
Science: “Tatooine Found! Discovery and Characterization of the First-Ever Circumbinary Planet Detected Using Doppler Spectroscopy”

Daniel Zhu, 17
Potomac, MD
Mathematics: “On the Okounkov-Olshanski formula for the number of skew shapes”


2019 Davidson Fellows – Honorable Mentions

Mr. Sanjit Bhat
Acton, MA

Mr. Merrick Cai
Kings Park, NY

Mr. L’hussen De Kolia Toure
Bronx, NY

Mr. Dimitri Galterio 
New York, NY

Mr. Nicholas Gao 
Fishers, IN
Outside the Box

Miss Maya Johnson
Salt Lake City, UT

Miss Julie Karam 
Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Mr. Ayush Krishnamoorti 
Bellaire, TX

Miss Rachel Li
Poughkeepsie, NY

Mr. Benjamin Liu
Arcadia, CA

Miss Anusha Murali
Concord, NH

Mr. Saaketh Narayan
Phoenix, AZ

Miss Lillian Petersen 
Los Alamos, NM

Mr. Peyton Robertson
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Miss Ruhi Sayana
Cupertino, CA

Miss Sharmi Shah
Colonia, NJ

Mr. Koushik Sridhar
Charlotte, NC

Mr. Paritosh Suri
Plano, TX

Miss Visala Tallavarjula
Santa Clara, CA

Mr. Kaien Yang
Chantilly, VA