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Confidentiality Policy

The Davidson Institute employs the following practices, which are intended to preserve the privacy of the Young Scholars and their families.

  • All employees, consultants, professional advisors and other persons with whom the Institute deals must agree to abide by these policies prior to receiving personal information about the Young Scholars; such personal information is only provided to these persons on a “need to know” basis.
  • All names and contact information about Davidson Young Scholars and their parents are treated as confidential and all employees, consultants, professional advisors and other persons with whom the Institute deals are instructed not to release such information without advance written permission from the parents. Thus, while the Institute provides general information about the program and our Young Scholars to interested parties, such as through our public website or by personal visits to our facilities and programs, we will endeavor to protect personal information through these policies.
  • Information about Davidson Institute events, including the annual Summit, is confidential. Details regarding locations, dates, attendees, and presenters are not to be released before or during the event (without written permission from the Director). This information may not be discussed with anyone outside the Young Scholars program, nor posted to non-Davidson Institute for Talent Development websites, bulletin boards, chat rooms and/or electronic mailing lists.
  • Anonymous pictures or likeness of Young Scholars to communicate information about the Young Scholars program are only used with the written permission of the Young Scholars parents or guardian.
  • Professional background checks for criminal record are required of all employees prior to employment.
  • All parents of Davidson Young Scholars must sign confidentiality statements, prior to admission to the program, promising to keep Davidson Institute event details, as well as the names, contact information and other similar personal information of other Davidson Young Scholars confidential and to monitor their child’s use of the Young Scholars Private Website.
  • Failure to follow the Davidson Young Scholars Confidentiality Policy will result in termination of employment or the Young Scholar’s dismissal from the program and may have other potential consequences, including legal action.
  • The Davidson Young Scholars Private Website is password protected. The Institute’s Systems Administrator is highly skilled in the area of security and continually reviews security systems and practices so the Institute can maintain up-to-date security standards.

No privacy policy can give complete assurance of privacy. However, the Institute is committed to maintaining high standards and diligence to protect the privacy of the Davidson Young Scholars and their families.