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What is Giftedness?

The Definition & Meaning of Being Gifted Children who are gifted are defined as those who demonstrate an advanced ability or potential in one or more specific areas when compared…

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Emotional Intensity in Gifted Children

This article explores and explains emotional intensity in gifted individuals. Author Lesley Sword provides strategies for parents to help their emotionally intense gifted children to accept themselves as they are. Author: Sword, L. Publisher:…

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Anxiety and Gifted Children

Anxiety and Gifted Children With anxiety rising, parents are understandably concerned about their children’s distress – it’s our number one duty to see to their wellbeing after all! Parents of gifted and twice exceptional…

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Social Adjustment and Peer Pressures for Gifted Children

This article by Sylvia Rimm addresses the social issues that gifted young people face on a regular basis. It gives situational examples and offers suggestions to parents on how to deal with issues that…

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Tips for Parents: Managing Emotions in Hard Times and All of the Time

The following article shares highlights and insights from one of our Expert Series events, which are exclusive for Young Scholars and their parents. Research and common sense consistently show that understanding our emotions and managing them…

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What to Consider Before Gifted Testing

Gifted Testing: Why, How, and Where. A Guide to Gifted Child Testing and Therapists Our Davidson Gifted Tester and Therapist map is an interactive tool that can help families find professionals for their gifted…

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Gifted Homeschooling and Socializing

Gifted Homeschooling and Socializing After curriculum, one of the most frequently asked questions the Davidson Institute receives regarding homeschooling is how their child will make friends without the brick-and-mortar school. Homeschooling is a big…

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Tips for Parents: The Real World of Gifted Teens

The following article by Mary-Elaine Jacobsen shares highlights and insights from one of our Expert Series events, which are exclusive for Young Scholars and their parents. It covers many issues that gifted teens face in…

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Struggle Care in Neurodiverse Families

What is struggle care? Struggle care is a useful way to think about the challenges facing individuals when completing daily life activities. At its core, struggle care is about understanding that many of us…

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