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Gifted Education and Support

Parent advocacy at the district level

This article by Monique Lloyd explains “Many parents feel powerless when dealing with their public schools; this is especially true of parents with highly gifted children. I reached my end-point the day I realized…

Gifted Research

Small poppies: Highly gifted children in the early years

This article by Miraca Gross is a classic on the development and needs of profoundly gifted children in infancy, toddlerhood and the preschool years. It discusses some of the hallmarks of extreme precocity in…

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional

Gifted girls

This article by Joan Smutney addresses some of the issues gifted girls face once they are in school. Gifted girls may feel they have to pay a high price for their talent because they…

Gifted Testing and Identification

Assessing Gifted Children

This article by Julia Osborn distinguishes between “testing” and “assessment.” The author then focuses on some of the important and unique issues involved when assessing gifted children’s cognitive, academic, and social/emotional functioning. This short…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Portfolio: An effective way to present your child to the school

This article by Christine Neville is a guide and “How To” for parents on creating a portfolio that will demonstrate specific abilities, developmental needs, and valid, concrete data for teachers and administrators who will…

Gifted Parenting and Strategies

Parenting gifted preschoolers

This article by David Farmer discusses strategies for identifying and parenting highly gifted preschoolers. It contains an excellent chart estimating the normal development timetable for developmental milestones in toddler and preschool development. This is…

Social and Emotional Resources

Highly gifted children and peer relationships

This article by Deirdre Lovecky reviews the research on highly gifted children and peer relationships. The author highlights possible issues with peers for highly gifted children. She also discusses strategies for developing successful peer…

Gifted Research

Mentorship of the Highly Creative

This article details the positive effects of mentoring on a gifted young man. This particular mentorship lasted four years and involved a high school student and two mentors–one of which who resided on the…

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