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Explore: Tuition and Fees

Fee Details for 2024-2025

Application Fee – Fee is due at the time of application. This application fee (per student) is non-refundable regardless of acceptance to the program.

  • $25 application fee for students returning from 2023-24 Davidson Explore courses.
  • $75 application fee for Davidson Young Scholars.
  • $100 application fee for non-Young Scholars.

Tuition – Tuition for each full-year course is $1,200. Tuition is broken into three payments.

  • Initial Deposit – $250, each course, due approximately two weeks following acceptance
  • Fall Tuition – $475 due Aug. 1, 2024 ($100 non-refundable lab fee and $200 refundable deposit for science course also due at this time)
  • Spring Tuition – $475 due Jan. 1, 2025

Families must purchase texts for Writing and Young Adult Fiction, and Critical Thinking in the Humanities. See course description for approximate costs. Book lists will be sent in early August 2024.

Students taking Contemporary Science will also have a $100 non-refundable science lab fee and a $200 refundable deposit.

Please note:  Financial aid is available for Davidson Young Scholars. Please contact for more information about financial aid.

See also: How to Apply to Explore; Explore Eligibility & Testing

For questions, please contact