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Explore: Tuition and Fees

Fee Details for 2023-2024

Application Fee – Fee is due at the time of application. This application fee (per student) is non-refundable regardless of acceptance to the program.

  • $25 application fee for students returning from 2022-23 Davidson Explore courses.
  • $75 application fee for Davidson Young Scholars.
  • $100 application fee for non-Young Scholars.

Tuition – Tuition for each full-year course is $1,150. Tuition is broken into three payments.

Initial Deposit – $250, each course, due approximately two weeks following acceptance.
Fall Tuition – $450 due Aug. 1, 2023 ($100 non-refundable lab fee and $200 refundable deposit for science course also due at this time)
Spring Tuition – $450 due Jan. 1, 2024

Families must purchase texts for Writing and Young Adult Fiction, Critical Thinking in the Humanities, and Uncovering the Past: World Empires. See course description for approximate costs. Book lists will be sent in early August 2023.

Students taking Contemporary Science will also have a $100 non-refundable science lab fee and a $200 refundable deposit.

Please note:  Financial aid is available for Davidson Young Scholars. Please contact for more information about financial aid.

See also: How to Apply to Explore; Explore Eligibility & Testing

For questions, please contact