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Empathy, Social Justice, and Current Events

Part 11 of Davidson Gifted Perspectives, a video series that examines a number of different gifted-related issues and viewpoints.

During one of the most recent members-only virtual events, a few parents asked a Family Services team member to share her thoughts on gifted children’s heightened sense of justice and empathy. These families shared some things that we hear commonly in our community: that their Young Scholar feels more aware and empathetic than their peers around common social justice issues like homelessness, animal rights, and/or religious differences. They will bring up the homeless person that the family walked by weeks ago, or they will say something every time the family is having meat. These families also shared that they are nervous to discuss many current events or deep dive into historical context because of their children’s deep well of empathy.

There’s no one right way to guide your child through this challenging terrain; every family approaches this differently, based on their values. Here’s a Family Services team member sharing a few strategies that our families use to support Young Scholars.