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Learning the basics

Part 7 of Davidson Gifted Perspectives, a video series that examines a number of different gifted-related issues and viewpoints

Many Young Scholars in the profoundly gifted community have knowledge about big concepts from an early age, long before they’ve mastered the basics. It can be difficult to watch them stumble over simple mistakes or not perform at expected levels for some of the basics in the very same subject that they are passionate about an intricate concept!

Sometimes it can be confusing why they can have a high-level conversation about something, but at the same time can’t seem to do the ‘basic’ skills that we think as coming before the high-level stuff.  Is there anything you can do to help bridge those gaps and ease some of the frequent frustration or confusion?

In this segment from our Parent Consulting Circle, a virtual Q&A with parents in our community. A member of the family services team shares her thoughts and insights on this situation. 

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