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Talking to classmates about an acceleration

Part 5 of Davidson Gifted Perspectives, a video series that examines a number of different gifted-related issues and viewpoints

Some parents have fears that accelerating their child will be misunderstood by their new class cohort. Sometimes people call something a “grade skip” because they think someone is skipping out on learning and work. A classmate might say that your child is bragging about being in a new class or sometimes, what a teacher says about the acceleration might not match what your family narrative is.

How would a child explain their acceleration or grade skip? What can parents say to guide their child?

Sometimes, all those fears or experiences can make families feel like they have to keep quiet about their acceleration, or not tell anyone. For some gifted kids, keeping quiet can make them feel like they are being dishonest with those around them.

A member of our Family Services team shares her thoughts on the situation in this excerpt from a virtual Q&A event.

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